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Created: Feb 22, 2009
oddness Created: Feb 22, 2009
If you have a separate conventional phone service coming into the NIC box outside, the phone line itself can be disconnected - your uverse internet service is carried by the same pair that provides your uverse tv - the conventional phone line is a separate pair of wires. The fact that you have a regular phone line has no bearing on your uverse internet speed capability. Th...
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Created: Jan 29, 2009
oddness Created: Jan 29, 2009
Why Max18? Some of us have multiple computers, in my case we often use three simultaneously - My wife may video conference, I'm downloading stuff or watching something like hulu, one of the kids is playing games online. That's when it pays off having Max18. For one computer, unless you spend your life downloading movies or the like, it's overkill. It's nice to have option...
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