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Created: Jun 16, 2009
mikemo Created: Jun 16, 2009
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Created: Mar 18, 2009
mikemo Created: Mar 18, 2009
Here's an AT&T link that shows viewing 5 HD programs at once: 2 live HD streams and 3 DVR HD streams: http://www.att.com/Common/merger/files/pdf/total_home_dvr/U-verse_THDVR.pdf
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Created: Jan 5, 2009
mikemo Created: Jan 5, 2009
While we've only been with UVerse for 3+ weeks, we also have no complaints and our experience with AT&T personnel and the UVerse product have been quite positive. Before signing up, I reviewed many of the recent posts in this forum and admit that the number of threads regarding HD quality and COAX related issues almost caused me to stay with DirectTV, but when weighing UV...
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