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Created: Nov 28, 2014
KPB_1 Created: Nov 28, 2014
The AT&T Support team resolved my problem with logging in to the tablet app. I'm using an iPad 2, iOS 8. I was getting the error message "mobile services temporarily unavailable." I have two user IDs associated to my U-Verse account. You have to use the primary user ID, which is the one created at the time you ordered the service. Go through the password reset process to ...
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Created: Dec 2, 2008
KPB_1 Created: Dec 2, 2008
Tune to channel 411 on the television and there are video instructions.
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Created: Nov 28, 2008
KPB_1 Created: Nov 28, 2008
We record shows in HD whenever possible. When the recorded HD show is played back on an SD TV, the recording freezes and pauses irregularly. The shows are unwatchable due to this issue. I swapped boxes between locations in the house. I'll start looking at the network stats as indicated in another post, but so far I'm seeing all "112." All STB and the RG are connected via ...
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