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Created: Dec 30, 2011
MrSnarkyPants Created: Dec. 30, 2011
Hey y'all, I'm coming back to U-verse after a couple of years with DirecTV. The install should be fairly straightforward (all my existing CAT-5 wiring is there). However, I will be putting a TV in a different room that doesn't have a CAT-5 drop and the coax drop on that room is in a lousy spot. I would like to get a wireless receiver in that room. When I placed the order ...
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Created: Sep 29, 2009
MrSnarkyPants Created: Sep. 29, 2009
Tried to use the web remote on two different computers today, with two different browsers (Firefox & IE8) and it just doesn't work. You log in, and it tells you that it couldn't retrieve the WRA, and either makes you refresh the page or log in again. Sometimes it will actually display the tv grid, but as soon as you click on anything, it crashes. Total Epic Fail. What's t...
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Created: Jan 13, 2008
MrSnarkyPants Created: Jan. 13, 2008
Tried to add Yahoo Online Protection (the branded Norton AntiVirus) today. The install wizard greys it out as a choice and says that you must uninstall McAfee first - except that I don't have McAfee installed on this laptop. Followed another link saying that that Norton is unavailable until January 2008. Well, it's January 2008. What gives?
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Created: Dec 25, 2007
MrSnarkyPants Created: Dec. 25, 2007
We're thinking about putting a LCD in the bedroom and retiring the old 27" CRT. I'm looking at a Vizio VX32LHDTV. I didn't see Vizio listed in the remote control codes booklet. Can anyone confirm that the U-Verse remote can turn this TV on and off?
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Created: Dec 14, 2007
MrSnarkyPants Created: Dec. 14, 2007
Version 10 is pretty swift. Version 11 of Symantec Corporate (now "Endpoint Protection") adds a bunch of the bloated "features" of the consumer series to corportate. I have v11 on my office machine, but I won't put it on anyone else's - I don't want to hear complaints from the users about how things don't work right. I went through that a couple of years ago when I attempt...
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Created: Dec 11, 2007
MrSnarkyPants Created: Dec. 11, 2007
I switched three of our computers over to the new ATT Norton suite this weekend. It does seem more bloated than the CA software it replaced. Major annoyance: I had not converted my wife's Yahoo mail account over to ATT when we first installed DSL. I learned quickly to NOT install the ATT Yahoo browser or browser extensions - if you do this, you can't log into regular Yahoo...
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