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Created: Dec 25, 2008
vic1966_1 Created: Dec 25, 2008
Well I took the plunge and upgraded form max 10 to max 18 . I was curious to see if it really hit the potential upload of 18,000 KBPS. Guess what it comes pretty darn close I tested this on my lap top via Wi-Fi so its watered down a little but I’m hitting 17, 311 . Not bad at all Merry Christmas to me http://www.speedtest.net/result/378978770.png
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Created: Feb 2, 2008
vic1966_1 Created: Feb 2, 2008
I have subscribed to U-verse for about 4 months . Part of the reason for switching was the potential for AT&T to un-cap their Internet Bandwidth. With Comcast offering 12mb download, AT&T had to counter with something and now offer 10Mb U-Verse Max. I called 800-288-2020 and was connected right away with an operator. I already get a $10 bundle discount and asked about pro...
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