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Created: Oct 22, 2011
Munchausen0 Created: Oct. 22, 2011
Well.. I have had the Nexus One since it was released for use on the AT&T network.. Nice thing about that was it was pure google so when there is a update for android..that phone was very very quick to get it (since it did not have to go thru AT&T proper channels..aka it did not have their bloatware and did not have a UI overlay on it) and it still gets updates (for a old...
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Created: Feb 8, 2011
Munchausen0 Created: Feb. 8, 2011
That seems to be a good rage topic going on other Atrix forums.. what/when is the Atrix considered 'tethering'. So you get the phone and the dumbboard..you go home and use your wi-fi..yet your still paying for the 'tethering' part.. maybe cause of using the full version of Firefox? What if you use another browser? So many other questions are being asked/brainstorming etc ...
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Created: Jan 15, 2011
Munchausen0 Created: Jan. 15, 2011
Well The Atrix has caught my eye with the specs. Since I joined AT&T I have been using my Nexus One and have had no problems with AT&T. Now since I am so use to Vanilla Android will be odd to have a phone with something else with it.. plus all that bloat-ware that comes with it. Will be keeping and eye out here @ the AT&T stores to see if they might put up a display of th...
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Created: May 29, 2010
Munchausen0 Created: May. 29, 2010
Having had my N1 for a few months now.. Battery life is awesome. I unplug it at 3:45am in the morning when i go to work (McCarren Airport here in Las Vegas..Ramper). Now keep in mind I keep GPS on always, sometimes I use Wi-Fi off and on, the usual phone calls, quite a few txt's and of course apps apps apps (Also the only app that likes to surprise me after i get done wit...
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