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Created: Feb 18, 2011
simonmason Created: Feb. 18, 2011
I just turned this feature back on. My daughter had a Blackberry before and we tried this service - we were not impressed. The best it could do was to locate her within 1.8 miles. Now she has a new phone and it has improved - now within 0.8 miles. Still not very useful. I am going to monitor it to see if it improves. But is there a way to get this thing to work better?
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Created: Feb 12, 2011
simonmason Created: Feb. 12, 2011
I ordered the phone for the existing line (the one I don't want to use the phone on). I noticed on the shipping notification they sent me that they included a SIM. I don't know why I would need this? Do I not use this, or do I put it in the old phone on the old line? Then on the line that I do want to use use this phone on, I take the SIM out of it's old phone and put it ...
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Created: Feb 6, 2011
simonmason Created: Feb. 6, 2011
I have three lines on my account. Two are under contract and one is not. I want to get a newer phone for one of the lines under contract. When I go to the web site I can get free upgrades with two year extension on the other line. Can I get the phone from this and then just use it with the other line that I want to replace the phone on? Thanks.
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Created: Sep 25, 2010
simonmason Created: Sep. 25, 2010
I had the $59/50 MB plan on my iphone. On a recent trip I had to bump this up the $199 plan because I used over 100 MB of data. How long do I need to leave this plan on the account so I don't get charged for the data - until the next billing cycle? Thanks.
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Created: Apr 26, 2010
simonmason Created: Apr. 26, 2010
I checked the call forwarding and the only number showing is the phone number for my third-party voicemail servce. So I will have to call ATT for the correct number for my voicemail.
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Created: Apr 20, 2010
simonmason Created: Apr. 20, 2010
I have been using a third party voicemail service and I am now switching back to AT&T. I cannot find the visual voicemail icon on my BB. I went to setup to run update and it tells me nothing needs to be updated. How do I find/create the Visual voicemail icon? Also, as I was using this third party voicemail it used a different voicemail number. What is the number for AT&T ...
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