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Created: Jul 26, 2010
TSAND Created: Jul 26, 2010
Finally someone that understands the problem. The problem is that I spent the $250 for the phone, I should be able to delete any contact on it I chose. I have never used any of the prelisted contacts on the phone, and I should not have to scroll though them to see my own contacts. Why not just list the whole famly tree of the CEO of att on the phone! that woundnt be any w...
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Created: Jul 7, 2009
TSAND Created: Jul 7, 2009
I the consumer and many others I see think that its should be the consumers choice to add names and and phone numbers to a phone that we purchased. Also if we so choose we should be able to delete the unwanted ring tones and wallpapers and game demos. An idea is that they should be on the motorola or the carriers website and should be added with free downloads if wanted. ...
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