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Created: Nov 4, 2013
Ruslan_LA Created: Nov 4, 2013
What about shrinking original storage by half? You didn't mention that part. QI was perfectly fine on Lumia 920! Using every day. What are we going to do with all pads that we purchased less than 1 year ago? " Rethink Possible"?? It's so shame that AT$T's rethink hits their costomers...
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Created: Oct 25, 2013
Ruslan_LA Created: Oct 25, 2013
UNBELIVABLE! Was so excited during Elop's presentation and was ready to upgrade 3 of 5 lines of my family plan. Instead, will pay off other 2 and switch to T-Mobile with all my unlocked phones and will save $100s. 920s with wireless charging (LOVE IT), 520 and Titan. It's not upgrade anymore for me.. it's a downgrade. The only reason was to stay with AT&T is to get best p...
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