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Created: Jun 18, 2011
footballfan_60 Created: Jun. 18, 2011
Hi, so on the 8th of june i ordered a replacement phone for my atrix. Everything was fine and the new phone came. I packed everything up and i went to the post office to ship it back out on the 14th. I keep getting text messages from at&t that i have not returned my device. It has been 4 business days since i shipped the broken phone out and at&t should of received it by ...
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Created: May 19, 2011
footballfan_60 Created: May. 19, 2011
hi so ive tried to reset my atrix a few times now and somehow it has failed everytime. I follow the steps as you mentioned via android and when i hit "erase everything" the phone reboots and displays the yellow triangle and android logo and nothing will happen for hours. it will just sit there and do nothing. So, i tried using the directions you posted via hardware and i ...
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Created: May 13, 2011
footballfan_60 Created: May. 13, 2011
Hi, ever since i updated my phone to 4.1.83 i have been experiencing many problems with my atrix. About every few days, my phone will completely crash. By this i mean i receive an error message that the google framework has stopped working. i am not able to open any of my applications such as the browser or text messages. To solve this issue i must restart my phone by pow...
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Created: Mar 12, 2011
footballfan_60 Created: Mar. 12, 2011
hi, i was thinking about upgrading to the atrix within the next week or so and i was wondering if it is LTE compatible so when at&t launches its LTEnetwork it can use it. Does anybody know?
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Created: Mar 11, 2011
footballfan_60 Created: Mar. 11, 2011
Hi, the screen on my lg xenon has stopped working and i can not see anything on it but, when i touch it, it vibrates so i can navigate the menus but i can not see what i am doing. My question is, how do i get my contacts off the phone? i put the sim card into my old razor and nothing showed up so it is clear that the contacts are stored on the phone memory. Could i purcha...
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