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Created: Feb 10, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Feb 10, 2011
I got a new SIM card with the new phone, however I did put the old phone's SIM card in to copy all the contacts over from the old phone, then replaced it with the new phone's, new SIM card.
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Created: Feb 9, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Feb 9, 2011
I set assigned ringtones to 6 contacts and the Caller ID works when they call (their names or numbers shows up asking if I want to accept or decline the call). I wonder if any of the Android apps that I added are screwing with it?
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Created: Feb 8, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Feb 8, 2011
Thanks. I tried that but it didn't help. And I checked for duplicates and that wasn't it either. The individual contact info in the phonebook shows the ringtone assigned to each person, but plays only the main ringtone anytime someone calls. I must be doing something wrong.
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Created: Feb 5, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Feb 5, 2011
Do any of you might know why ringtones assigned to contacts aren't working for me? I get the same ringtone for everybody. Any clue as to what I might be doing wrong? Thanks for the help. Wes.
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Created: Feb 2, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Feb 2, 2011
cajun810; I have the MW600 and had been using it on the 2 prior SE phones I've had. I do use it on the X10, but there are times when I would prefer an external speaker with an FM radio from the phone. In fact, I have 3 of the external speaker accessories for the c905, which is useless at this point. Thanks anyway for responding and offering an alternative. Wes.
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Created: Jan 23, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Jan 23, 2011
The only problem with the suggestions, unfortunately, is that it would require constant streaming which would eat up my data plan. As an example, my last SE phone was a C905. The FM-radio on it, would play an external speaker for over 8 hrs. continuously before needing a recharge. And that's only when I want to share the music. On the occasion that I choose not to, I use ...
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Created: Jan 20, 2011
Amnesia Wes Created: Jan 20, 2011
My last 2 SE phones had FM-radio which I enjoy more than mp3 files, as it keeps me updated with local activities/functions, weather, etc. I just ordered an X10 and now while going through the tutorials, find out that no FM-radio is part of it. Why did SE decide to exclude it from the X10? Is there an app to put one in the phone? If not, what are my options? thanks.
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