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Created: Sep 12, 2011
gabecole Created: Sep. 12, 2011
Is there anyone here that has updated their HTC Inspire with the newest Gingerbread update? I've read A LOT of posts on the internet from people that have updated and are having nothing but problems. I've been having issues with poor signal and was told to update to Gingerbread, but with all of these problems I'm not sure I want to.
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Created: Aug 19, 2011
gabecole Created: Aug. 19, 2011
Thanks for the reply. But here is another question: Will the discount on the secondary line be the same as the primary line? I was looking online at phones and upgrades and on a couple of the sites it asked if it was the primary, or secondary line of the family plan. When I selected the secondary line the price went up $100+ for the phone (HTC Inspire.)
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Created: Aug 18, 2011
gabecole Created: Aug. 18, 2011
My wife and I are on a family plan and we are looking to upgrade to smartphones. My line is currently eligible for an upgrade, but her's is not - at least not for another 1.5 months. I can upgrade now and get a full discount with a new 2 year contract. What happens when we want to upgrade her's in 1.5 months? Will she get a full discount with another 2 year contract even ...
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Created: Oct 31, 2008
gabecole Created: Oct. 31, 2008
Can anyone tell me if there is an email address to send complaints to? A few months ago we had to switch provides as our old provider (Edge Wireless - Roseburg, OR) was bought out by AT&T. I have a prepaid phone and I still had a balance (about $10) on my Edge Wireless account. I was told (after waiting 2 hours to be helped) that the balance would be moved over to my new A...
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