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Created: Apr 23, 2012
wdbradley3 Created: Apr. 23, 2012
I am also near Denver, have an HR22/100 and suffer painfully slow channel changes, and, am REALLY tired of DirecTV blowing all of us off. Clearing the NVRAM does help, for about a day, but, then it goes back to 10 - 30 seconds per channel, resetting it did absolutely nothing. All signals and diagnostics look good, and...of course...DirecTV tells me nothing is wrong. I've ...
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Created: Jul 11, 2009
wdbradley3 Created: Jul. 11, 2009
I had a BB Curve, and, just upgrade to the 8900. I'm underwhelmed by the browser, particularly with the top and bottom scroll bars I now have. I've had NOTHING but problem moving the trackball up and down to scroll up and down the page, and...nothing happens. I didn't have this issue on the Curve (don't think it HAD scroll bars). What's the trick to making this work? Than...
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Created: Feb 27, 2009
wdbradley3 Created: Feb. 27, 2009
Over the last several weeks, every other night or so when I come home and turn on the TV, the output from the HR20 is pure snow. I have changed the cable (HDMI), tried another input on my TV, tried all the other outputs from the receiver, all are snow. Only thing that works is to reboot the receiver. About a month ago on the weekend, when I got up in the morning and turne...
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Created: Aug 4, 2008
wdbradley3 Created: Aug. 4, 2008
My wife and I got our Curve 8310's, yesterday. Went through a LOT of misery setting them up to do personal email. Seems the main problem is that the tutorials on the AT&T site don't match what we have on our BB Desktop Applications, mainly, we are both missing the Blackberry Setup Icon, which is the starting point for many of the tutorials. In addition, there are other ic...
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Created: Apr 6, 2007
wdbradley3 Created: Apr. 6, 2007
Just upgraded from my previous HD DVRs (we have two), the HR 10-250 to the HR 20-100S, and, BOY do we not like them or the new system, not sure which. 1. MUCH slower (2 sceconds +) going between channels, and, sometimes it seems to skip a channel. 2. System locks up. Don't even have to be doing anything, or, could be changing channels or something, and, the remote and fro...
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