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Created: Oct 2, 2009
tlm911 Created: Oct. 2, 2009
The Travel Channel shows an HD logo in the channel 100 listing but not in the guide. Reception is only in SD. Am I missing something or is the HD logo an error?
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Created: Aug 8, 2007
tlm911 Created: Aug. 8, 2007
Actually that is one of the lists that I referred to in my original post. It just seems to me that with all the HD sports broadcasts that are done in the Chicago area there must be some plan to expand HD sports to DTV some time in the future. I was hoping someone could provide some info on when that might be or if there are any rumors floating around. I couldn't find any ...
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Created: Aug 6, 2007
tlm911 Created: Aug. 6, 2007
I've seen a couple lists of channels that will be broadcast in HD later this year. None of them list WGN. Since so many sports are shown on WGN, it would be a crime to not show them in HD. Any speculation on this?
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Created: Jul 7, 2007
tlm911 Created: Jul. 7, 2007
Does anyone know when the RC64 will be available? It lists the codes needed for my TV while the older remotes do not.
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Created: May 31, 2007
tlm911 Created: May. 31, 2007
Last night the light that normally indicates recording (amber) came on as a bright red light for a few seconds. I was not recording at the time nor did I have any recording scheduled. What does this indicate?
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Created: Mar 10, 2007
tlm911 Created: Mar. 10, 2007
Can someone tell me what the B Band Converter does? I just installed an HR20-DVR without them and all channels seem to be working. The box included two BBCs with no real explanation of what they do of if they are always needed.
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Created: Feb 8, 2007
tlm911 Created: Feb. 8, 2007
Due to a damaged dual LNB dish I decided to upgrade to a Slimline 5 LNB dish now even though I won't have a DTV HD receiver for a couple months. How do I go about determining the rough Tilt / Azimuth / Elevation angles for the 5 LNB dish? Dishpointer gives only Az and El but that is for single LNB models (aimed at a different satellite). My receiver gives the angles for a...
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Created: Oct 11, 2006
tlm911 Created: Oct. 11, 2006
The remote for my D10-300 has a bunch of buttons near the top that the manual states can be programmed to operate a standalone DVR. How do you program these? There are no codes in the book for DVR units. I have a Toshiba Digital Media Server.
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Created: Jun 29, 2006
tlm911 Created: Jun. 29, 2006
I noticed that the plastic cap covering the lnb is cracked. So far I still have a great signal so it isn't a problem. Will this become a problem? Can I replace just the plastic cap or do I need a new LNB?
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