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Created: Apr 27, 2008
StarLog Created: Apr 27, 2008
thanks that was it. I wish it was like EMOZE, cause all my peers at work use that on their Blackjacks, and as soon as an email is in their inbox, it is pushed to the Blackjack.
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Created: Apr 23, 2008
StarLog Created: Apr 23, 2008
I have setup the service as outlined in the documentation. This service works great, only when I tell the Tilt to send/receive. Is there a way to have the client on my desktop at work, push ALL the time, as soon as a email arrives. At this time, I have to manually tell the Tilt to send/receive. Thanks
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Created: Apr 22, 2008
StarLog Created: Apr 22, 2008
Tried to send a PM to an adminsitrator, but they do not have it enabled, The following is broken. http://forums.cingular.com/cng/board/message?board.id=xpressmail&thread.id=5 <-- from this page see below: Members, Please see these Xpress Mail online resources: Xpress Mail - Work and personal E-mail made simple <----------------------
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