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Created: Apr 20, 2016
greatguy Created: Apr. 20, 2016
I have a new microcell and the microcell use to work, now all I get are the 3 main lifhts steady green except for the top one just blinks, I have talked to ATT and TWC with no end and still the microcell does not work. Speed has been been checked no issue,TWC has checked modek and setup many times still nothing on the microcell. Anyone else having these issue and how tro ...
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Created: Oct 12, 2011
greatguy Created: Oct. 12, 2011
Can't find many ring tones like I use too on the black berry torch , i could find online and send to phone, Now I have to use the market app. Music tones really suck can't find them. I use to to shows I watch ring tones. has any one else have this problem. If you wanted ring tones like from shows on tv like bravo.
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Created: Aug 3, 2011
greatguy Created: Aug. 3, 2011
I use to havea Blackberry torch and recently switched to this HTC 4G. Getting ring tones seems to be hard on this ones. I know you go into market, but looking for the ones like you see on line at att your fav music artist and shows. Has amy one found this hard as well and how to get ring tones from your fav artist.
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Created: Apr 3, 2008
greatguy Created: Apr. 3, 2008
I have the blackberry curve 8310 and the call seems to drop more when I am at home and placing a call, the signal goes to edge and I see moving lines go back and forth when placing a call and when I am talking seems to just drop. There is a tower just up the rd from me and this only starting march and another person in the house has the same service with a razor phone doe...
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