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Created: Sep 26, 2012
fleadog99 Created: Sep. 26, 2012
Quick question, when recording from website, I noticed there are no options for stop time. I went to record a baseball game, and I always record 1 1/2 hrs after stop time. How can I do that from the website?
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Created: Jan 16, 2012
fleadog99 Created: Jan. 16, 2012
BUMP for Gingerbread Update. Looks like we get screwed again. The rogers Infuse got an official Gingerbread update a looooong time ago. Come on ATT. No wonder everyone talks BAD about the service and customer experience.
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Created: Dec 25, 2011
fleadog99 Created: Dec. 25, 2011
Why is the Special Holiday programming on Fox Sports Midwest Blacked Out today? I had made plans for my family to visit and watch the special St. Louis Cardinals World Series programming all day today. I found out it is BLACKED OUT. Can someone please tell my why? I had made plans and now my family gets to watch error messages instead. I spend a lot of $ with you and have...
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Created: Jun 27, 2011
fleadog99 Created: Jun. 27, 2011
I need to know how to upgrade from iPhone 4 to Infuse 4G without losing my unlimited data plan. Also Why is ATT site 199.99 but Cartoys has the same phone with upgrade price at $99 with Free 2 day shipping??????? How can I switch to the Infuse 4G for $99 and keep data plan?
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Created: Oct 5, 2007
fleadog99 Created: Oct. 5, 2007
I noticed that one program is blacked out it is entitled Rams all access. Channel 647 fsmw. I have all fs channels. This program is 30 minutes long and is always blacked out. I live in the Dallas area. I called they said it is blacked out no explanation given. Why is a 30 minute show blacked out for no reason, he said it was blacked out in his area also. Is there a reason...
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Created: Jul 17, 2007
fleadog99 Created: Jul. 17, 2007
I live in Frisco, TX 75034 can someone check if I will ever get other hd channels than the 4, 5, 8, & 11 I know sometimes tx21 is in hd and also cw33 also what about the other channels that I would get with the ota antenna the local weather channels including 8.2 4.2 will I ever be able to get these with the 5 lnb dish, I currently have H20 and the hr20-700.
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Created: Jul 7, 2007
fleadog99 Created: Jul. 7, 2007
I live in the Dallas area recently moved from St. louis. I always have it on FSN midwest. FSN Midwest is in HD sometimes. Tonights game vs the giants is in HD. Even in the info and online guide says that it is in HD. I have all sports channels including mlb and superfan package, so why is it I can't view this in HD. Another thing why is it Yankess and redsox are the only ...
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Created: Apr 8, 2007
fleadog99 Created: Apr. 8, 2007
I have to restart my hr20 every hour, how frustrating. I received the receiver earlier this week, and have been very dissapointed. I am an "A" list customer what erver that means.
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Created: Apr 3, 2007
fleadog99 Created: Apr. 3, 2007
My parents and brothers live in Navarre FL, 32566. They are looking for HD locals. Does anyone know any time frame for HD locals in/ near Navarre Florida. Major city is Pensacola.
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