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Created: Jul 31, 2010
thompsam Created: Jul 31, 2010
What I find interesting is that when my uverse service was installed, the installer did provide a UPS and plugged my gateway into in. This was to allow us to have 911 service for a couple of hours if the power was out. Its sitting right behind the DVR. If I knew about the 3 reboots in succession feature, I most likely would have also plugged the DVR into the UPS too. I ho...
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Created: Jul 30, 2010
thompsam Created: Jul 30, 2010
Last night we had some thunderstorms and today when I went to watch something that was recorded on my DVR, poof the hard drive was empty. I called uverse tech support and was told that if the DVD reboots 3 times in succession, a "feature" of my DVR is that it will reset back to its original factory settings. I'm guessing that as my power blinked off and on last night due ...
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