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Created: Apr 27, 2013
jimbobka Created: Apr 27, 2013
I updated my Galaxy S2 phone. Now any time I try to edit my text templates from "settings" or use them from within a message, my message app crashes. I have looked for a solution online and come up empty. (I also noticed my Galaxy is sluggish and several scrolls are choppy since doing the upgrade. Grrr) Any help?
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Created: Aug 22, 2010
jimbobka Created: Aug 22, 2010
Just had a $100 rebate card expire. I know it's my fault. I know the card shows it. But why only four months? Even though it is my fault, is it worth the bit of money AT&T or the phone mfg save to create bad feeling in a customer by making the validity short enough that this is likely to happen? Why not just make it 1-2 years, like most gift cards? Now I'm nailed, got no ...
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Created: Feb 11, 2010
jimbobka Created: Feb 11, 2010
Hi - I appreciate all the AT&T techs telling us to go through all these steps, but it is obvious from the reading and other sites that the problem is an incompatibility between 2WIRE and Macs. My son has a Mac. Our DSL works fine with all our PCs and with any guests who come with PCs. But when he comes home with his Mac, the trouble begins. The 2WIRE Internet light turns r...
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