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Created: Oct 30, 2010
joedv Created: Oct. 30, 2010
So, after two months of having problems with my u-verse rebooting itself every couple of hours... the 4th tech decides to replace my dvr. All is great... for a week... now I have a red x on my screen... after a few hours online with the chat tech guy, we decide yet another tech has to come out. Of course, after having taken 3 days off from work already to be here for tech...
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Created: Oct 21, 2010
joedv Created: Oct. 21, 2010
Ok, on my second or third service call now due to my U-Verse having the much spoken about freezing and rebooting every couple of hours issue. Of course, my appointment was from 8am-12pm and here it is 2 hours later and no one has shown up yet. Called them and was told that they were "on the way" an hour ago. What kind of discount to we get for wasting a day waiting for so...
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Created: Sep 9, 2010
joedv Created: Sep. 9, 2010
Thanks for the confirmation foxbat... good to know before I start shaving down cables.
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Created: Sep 5, 2010
joedv Created: Sep. 5, 2010
had a similar problem with a USB cable I used for my former phone (Incite). If I used the USB cable that came with the Captivate, all is fine... if I use the other cable, my pc doesn't recognize that anything is plugged in... though the phone does indicate that it's charging. I'm not sure if it's a seating problem since it appears that the captivate uses a much thinner wr...
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Created: Aug 25, 2010
joedv Created: Aug. 25, 2010
First I've read several messages which state I essentially can't have what I want, which is, as I'm separating from my wife, I would like to split our family plan (3 phones) into two bills (me paying both of them)... but one with just my number being delivered to another address. In addition, it would be nice if online access was limited to the billing setup... i.e. the o...
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