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Community How-To
Community How-To. Check here for info about how to join conversation, find solutions, rate replies, send private messages, and more.

Quick Start

  • Finding Solutions

    Explore menu

    The Explore menu is where you'll find access to the major sections of the Community. Select Explore to view a list of links to the forums and other important areas of the Community site, like the Community Blog, Guidelines, and My Profile.

    Filter posts

    1. On bottom-left side of each topic forum page (Wireless, U-verse, Internet, DIRECTV, Business and Foro en Español), you'll see a set of filters. These filters help you focus on the types of posts you're most interested in viewing:

    2. The filters are initially set to show all posts.
      Your selections exclude specific topics or types of posts from the display. These filters give you more control on the number and quality of your results:
      1. Topics
      2. Status (all posts with replies, solved, unsolved, unanswered)
      3. Date range (your date selection)
    3. Narrow the posts shown by selecting as many filters as you want.

    Sort posts

    1. On the right side above the posts, you'll find a drop-down list of sort options. Select the blue link to view your sort options.
      • The option you choose will set the order of the posts displayed on the screen, by latest post, latest topic, most views, or most replies. You can select only one option at a time

    2. Next to these sort options, you'll find 3 icons that will allow you to change the Display View of the posts displayed on the screen. Your options are:
    3. Next to these sort options, you'll find 3 icons that will allow you to change the Display View of the posts displayed on the screen. Your options are:
      • Tile view:
      • List view: and
      • Classic view:

    Community Search

    Start your search

    1. Select the magnifying glass icon in the blue bar to open the search box.
    2. Choose to search Posts or Members. The default setting is Posts.
    3. Type the keywords or member name you're looking for in the search box.
    4. You may see a blue box with suggested results, based on popular searches and the words you've typed in. If one of these is what you are looking for, just select that item to display it. Clicking outside the blue box will make the box disappear.
    5. If none of the suggestions fit, select the magnifying glass icon again to view a list of search results. Member searches will display a list of results, if any were found. Post searches will display a similar list with a set of filters on the left.

    View your results

    1. Your results screen shows how many results we found.
    2. On the top right, the Sort by menu lets you choose a way to sort your results:
      1. Sort searches for posts by Best match, Latest post, or the reults with the Most views.
      2. Sort member searches by Name, Signup date, Rank, or Most posts.

    3. For Post searches only, filters on the left let you limit the results to display. The filters are initially set to show all posts.

      Filters give you more control on the number and quality of your results:
      1. Forums (All Forums, Wireless Forum, U-verse Forums, DIRECTV Forum, Internet Forum, Business Forum & Foro en Espanol)
      2. Status (All posts, Solution posts, Topics only, Solved topics, Unsolved topics, Unanswered topics)
      3. Rating (from one to five stars)
      4. Date range (your date selection)
      5. Type (Me too, Images, Videos, Attachments, Forum, Blog)

  • Signing up

    Signing up lets you fully in the Community - post, reply, and share your questions and advice.
    We hope you'll join the conversation.

    Sign up

    1. Select the Sign up link in the upper right corner of the screen. A form will display.

      A form will display.

    2. Fill in the form. Note that the Community ID you choose cannot contain spaces or "ATT." Your password should have at least six letters and one number.
    3. Don't forget to check the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines.
    4. Select the Sign up link.

    5. After you select the link, we'll send you a confirmation email. Then select the link in the email to complete your signup.
    6. If you don't receive your confirmation email, select the Resend email button in the message you got when you submitted the signup form.

  • Profile

    Profiles show information about Community members to other members and visitors.

    View another member's profile

    To view a member's profile, search for the member by name...

    or select the member's name in the box that pops up when you click on the name in a post.

    This box will also display some helpful profile information - including that the member's Community ID, rank, favorite forums, location, and badges, if earned (you can learn more about badges here).

    Members and visitors can see the following information without signing up or logging in when they go to the member's profile screen:

    • Community ID
    • Average Rating - based on the member's accumulated rating replies.
    • Community rank
    • Favorite forums
    • Location
    • Any badges earned by the member
    • Signup date (Member since)
    • Last login
    • Total solved
    • Total replies
    • Lists of posts, solutions, activity, and images

    When you are logged in and you view a member's profile, you'll also have the option to send a private message,to friend that member or to ignore that member.

    Manage your profile

    To manage your own profile, log in, and then select My profile from the Explore menu.

    You can also simply click or tap your own Community ID - in the top right of the screen.

    From your profile, you can manage your subscriptions, messages, and images.

  • Community Blog

    You can keep up with the latest news in the Community Blog!

    The blog is the place to find:

    • The Friday Fix!
    • Tips on how to get started!
    • What's new in the Community!
    • Who's the ACE of the month, or a Blue Ribbon contributor!
    • News from AT&T!

    You'll find a link to the blog in the Explore menu - in the blue bar on the left (near the top of the screen).

  • Joining the conversation

    Ask a question or reply to a post

    The ways you can ask a question and reply to an existing post are very similar.

    Ask a question

    1. To ask a question, select the Ask a question link from the blue bar.

      A new screen will open.
    2. Begin typing your question or comment in the top text box that says, "Use a descriptive subject for your question." In the second text box, below the formatting tabs and buttons, you can provide a detailed description of your question or problem.
    3. Below these two text boxes, you can choose where you want your post to appear, add tags, and make other choices about your post.
    4. Select the Post button.

      Note: If you're new to the community, you will need to Sign up to create an account and post your question. If you're an existing member, you will need to be Logged in to continue.

    When you want to Ask a Question, please keep in mind the following tips:

    • Search first! There may already be an answer to your question!
    • For best visibility, use a descriptive title and avoid single keyword titles.
    • In the text fields, provide a brief and detailed description of your questions or problem.
    • For best results, please provide any service and equipment information that may be relevant.
    • You can also attach links, pictures and even videos! For your convenience, we've included a spell check button too.
    • Use drop down boxes to select where the question should Post to and add some tags to help other users find your topic.

    Reply to a post

    1. Be sure you're logged in to the Community.
    2. To reply to a post, select the Reply button below the post. A new screen will open.

      Note: You can access posts, to Reply, from the Forum landing page by selecting the title of the post, to open it, to read it, to rate current replies and then clicking the Reply button to join the conversation.

    3. The top text box will show the title of the post you are replying to. Simply begin typing your comment in the text box below the formatting buttons.
      • To include the original post in your reply, select the Quote button near the formatting buttons.
    4. Below the two text boxes, you can add tags and ask to be notified when someone responds.

    What is a "thread"?

    A thread is a series of posts that belong together, created when one or more members of the community responds to a particular post.

    When you post a new message, you've started a thread! If you reply to an existing message, your reply becomes part of the original message thread.

  • Subscribing to a topic

    To get email updates when something new is posted to a topic, you can Subscribe to that topic. Here's how to subscribe to a topic:

    1. When you are viewing a post, select the Post Options link.
    2. A menu will display.
    3. Choose Subscribe from that menu list.

      It's just that simple!

    Manage your subscriptions

    You can manage your subscriptions from your profile.

    1. Be sure you are logged in to the Community.
    2. Select My Profile, from the Explore menu, to view your profile information.
    3. Choose the Following tab.
    4. Select the Subscriptions link to view a list of your subscriptions.
    5. Click on or tap the title of the topic to open that topic.
    6. To remove topics, select individual topics using the checkboxes, or select all topics, and then click or tap the Remove Checked button.

  • Private Messaging

    You might want to send a private message to another Community member for a number of reasons:

    • You don't know the member's email address.
    • You don't want to reveal your own address.
    • You want to have a quick conversation with another member without leaving the Community.

    Send a private message

    1. Log in to the Community.
    2. Select the envelope icon in the top right of the screen to go to your Private Messages inbox.

      Note: You can also select My Profile from the Explore menu, and then select the Messages tab.
    3. Select Compose new message.

    4. Fill in the form with the member name (in the Send to field), the Message Subject, and message.

      Note: Depending on your role in the Community, you may also be able to send a message to a group of users based on their role or rank in the Community. You'll see those options if they are available.
    5. Select Send.

    Some Helpful Hints when sending a Personal Message:

    • Be careful when typing an address in the Send to field!
      The system will attempt to autocomplete and match up what you typed with choices of who to send your message to.
    • In addition to text, you can embed pictures or videos in your Personal Message.

    View and manage messages you've received

    When you have been sent a Personal Message, you will receive an email notification, letting you know that there is a message waiting for you (unless you have decided to opt out, by clicking your avatar > Settings > Private Messenger.)

    1. Be sure you are signed in with your Community ID.
    2. Find the Private Message icon in the top right of the screen. If you have new messages, you'll see the number of unread messages next to the icon.

    3. Selecting the icon will take you to the Messages tab of your profile. Unread messages will appear in bold type.

    4. Select the message subject to view your message.
    5. You can Reply or Delete the message from this screen.
    6. If you decide to Reply to a message, a great way to keep track of the conversation is with the Quote button.

    Note: If there is ever something you want to find, in your Personal Messages, just click Search Results and the term(s) you want to search on in the Search field

    Delete messages

    You can delete messages one at a time as you view them or in a group from your Inbox.

    To delete a group of messages:

    1. Be sure you are logged in with your Community ID.
    2. Use the envelope icon in the top right to go to your profile. You'll see your profile set to the Messages tab.

      Note: You can also select My Profile from the Explore menu, and then select the Messages tab.

    3. Check the box next to each message you want to delete.
    4. Select the Message Options link. Then select Delete Checked.

    5. When asked to confirm the deletion, select the Confirm button.

    Manage your sent messages

    1. Be sure you are logged in with your Community ID.
    2. Use the envelope icon at the top right to go to your profile. You'll see your profile set to the set to the Messages tab.

      Note: You can also select My Profile from the Explore menu, and then select the Messages tab.

    3. Select Sent messages to view a list of the messages you've sent. You can view or delete these messages from this screen.

      Note: You can open a sent Personal Message that you sent to one user - at any time - to see if it has been read

  • Rating Replies

    When you are logged in to the Community, you can give posted replies a rating of one to five stars. Five starts is the highest rating, and one is the lowest.

    What can you do with ratings?

    When searching the Community Forum for helpful posts, you can filter your results by rating:

    The higher the rating, the more likely that other users have read and taken advantage of the posted reply!

    You can track your average rating on your Profile page:

    Then as your content helps more and more customers and garners more high ratings, you can watch your average rating soar!

    1. Look for the set of five stars to the right of a post.

    2. When you mouse over the stars, a box appears around them. Select the area inside the box.

    3. A ratings box will display. Choose your rating.

    4. When you've completed your rating, the box disappears, and an orange number will indicate your star rating. The black number in parentheses shows how many ratings this reply has received.

  • Me too

    Selecting the Me too link is a way to show agreement with a post without creating a new post or reply. You can also use Me too to indicate you've had the same issue. If you are logged in, you'll see the Me too link on each original post.

    A count beside the Me too link tells you how many other members agree with the post.

  • Accepting Solutions

    What are Accepted Solutions?

    An Accepted Solution is an answer that users can replicate to solve their issues or answer their questions themselves - without having to contact, PM, chat or call AT&T.

    How do I find an Accepted Solution?

    Reply posts marked as Accepted Solutions have a green checkmark and the word "Solved" displayed on the post.

    You'll also be able to tell which posts have been solved from the Forum landing page. When in the tile view, solved posts will give you the option to View Solution.

    When you select View solution, a pop-up box will display that solution to you.

    If you click 'Read more', you will go directly to this reply.

    Accept a solution

    When you're logged in, you can use the Accept solution link to mark replies that answer the question you posted. Community moderators / administrators may also mark a reply to a post to help other members find it.

    You'll see the green checkmark icon and the "Solved" label on the posts that have been accepted as solutions.

    Remove the accepted solution mark

    If you change your mind, you can remove the marking and select another post using the Not the solution link from the Post Options drop-down list.

    How do Accepted Solutions help?

    Accepted Solutions help both our community and all of our AT&T customers in a number of ways.

    When a user is searching for an answer, on the AT&T Community Forum, threads with Accepted Solutions are highlighted, letting them know that these may be the best places to go to find their answer.

    Accepted Solutions also help AT&T customers - or any online users - who search on If a thread has an Accepted Solution, it is reviewed by Community moderators and can be made available to all online users, from search results.

    Finally, threads with Accepted Solutions are reviewed every week to see if they can be added to AT&T Support Solutions from the AT&T Support Site. If an Accepted Solution adds to, builds upon or offers the next steps for an AT&T Support Solution - it is added as a Community Discussion.

    Only threads with Accepted Solutions are reviewed to be added to the AT&T Site Search results and only threads with Accepted Solutions can be added as Community Discussions with AT&T Support Solutions.

    Accepted Solutions not only help our Community members find answers to their questions, they help grow our community by offering online users assistance outside of the forum!

  • Notifications

    When you're logged in (or authenticated), notifications give you a subtle pop-up message on the bottom right-corner of your browser screen when any of the following happens:

    • One of your posts is accepted as a solution
    • You are @ mentioned in a thread
    • You rank up

    Notifications pop-up (sample):

    Sample notification pop-up

    Notification pop-ups are active and allow you to quickly navigate to the activity described. For example, if one of your solutions was accepted and you open the notification, you'll be taken to the solution marked. If you just ranked-up in the community, then you be taken your profile page to view your new rank. Or if you were @mentioned in a thread, you will be taken to that post.

    Along with these real-time notification pop-ups, you will have a Notifications counter next to your Private Message (PM) envelope. When you're logged in, you'll see the number of notifications awaiting your review.

    Notification indicator (sample)

    Select the Notifications counter to visit your Notifications page where your most recent 25 notifications will be listed.

    Notification feed with sample content screenshot

    Note: Notification pop-ups are not available for mobile users. However, the notification counter will still be visible in the mobile experience.

  • Closing your account

    You can close your AT&T Forums account at any time.

    If you do close your account, the posts you've made will be attributed to "Anonymous" and you'll lose credit for the posts you've created, the Accepted Solutions you've authored, the posts you've read, etc. You'll immediately be logged out. If you ever want to return to the community, you'll have to "start from scratch" and re-register and your user name may have been recycled to a new user.

    Closing your AT&T Community account will have no effect on other accounts you may have with AT&T

    To close your account:

    • Log in to the Community
    • Select your user name next to your avatar near the top right corner of the page
    • Select My Info
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Close Account

    Notification feed with sample content screenshot