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  • Getting Started

    • Explore & discuss

      The Explore menu is where you'll find access to the major sections of the Community. Select Explore & discuss to view a list of links to the forums and other important areas of the Community site, like the Community Blog, Learn about ACE, and Guidelines.

      Explore Menu

    • Filter Topics

      1. When you open each topic forum (Wireless, TV, Internet, Home Phone, Business,Foro en Español, etc.) or forum board, you can scroll down to see options for filtering on the types of posts you're most interested in viewing:

      2. Latest Activity list screenshot
      3. The filter will initially be set to show latest Solutions. You can choose to change your display to show the latest Topics or Latest Unanswered posts.

      You can also choose to view the very latest posts or View All posts. When you choose View all, you will be given additional filtering options.

      In this example, we filtered our view by Date to show all the DIRECTV posts with no replies:

      View all posts screenshot
    • Sort Topics

      1. On the right side above the posts, you'll find a drop-down list of sort options. Select the drop-down to view your sort options.
        • The option you choose will set the order of the posts displayed on the screen, by latest post (Date), most Views, Kudos, most Replies or Best Match. You can select only one option at a time.
          In this example, we are sorting by Date:

        • Sort menu screenshot

    • Community Search

      Start your search

      Community search options screenshot

      1. You have the opportunity to Search the AT&T Community Forum, from the Search box at the top of your screen.
      2. You can choose to search Community, Users or PMs. The default setting is Community.
      3. Type the keywords or member name you're looking for in the search box.
      4. You may see a drop-down with suggested results, based on popular searches and the words you've typed in. If one of these is what you are looking for, just select that item to display it. Clicking outside the blue box will make the box disappear.

      5. Community search suggested results screenshot

      6. If none of the suggestions fit, select the magnifying glass icon again to view a list of search results. Member searches will display a list of results, if any were found. Community searches will display a similar list with a set of filters on the left.
      View your results

      1. Your results screen shows how many results we found.
      2. On the right, the Sort by menu lets you choose a way to sort your results:
        1. Sort searches for posts by Best Match, Date, Views, Kudos, or Replies.
        2. Sort member searches by Name, Signup date, Rank, or Most posts.
      3. For Community searches only, additional filters let you limit the results to display. The filters are initially set to show all posts.

      4. Filters give you more control on the number and quality of your results:

        1. Location (All Forums, Wireless Forum, U-verse Forums, DIRECTV Forum, Internet Forum, Business Forum & Foro en Español)
        2. Author
        3. Date
        4. Metadata (Solved or Kudoed)
        5. Type (Forums, Blogs, Groups)
        6. Contains (Images, Videos, Attachments)

        7. Community search page results screenshot

    • Signing up

      Signing up lets you fully participate in the Community - post, reply, and share your questions and advice. We hope you'll join the conversation.

      Sign up
      1. Select the Sign up link in the upper right corner of the screen. A form will display.

      2. Sign up link screenshot

      3. Fill in the form. Note that the Community ID you choose cannot contain spaces or "ATT." Your password should have at least six letters and one number.
      4. Don't forget to check the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines.
      5. Select the Sign up link.

      6. Sign up form screenshot

      7. After you select the link, we'll send you a confirmation email.

    • Profile

      Profiles show information about Community members to other members and visitors.

      View another member's profile

      To view a member's profile, search for the User by name...

      Search by username screenshot

      Or select the User's name in the box that pops up when you click on the name in a post.

      This box will also display some helpful profile information - including that the member's Community ID, rank, favorite forums, location, and badges, if earned (you can learn more about badges here).

      User profile page screenshot

      Members and visitors can see the following information without signing up or signing in when they go to the member's profile screen:

      • Community ID
      • Number of Posts
      • Number of Kudos
      • Total Solutions
      • Community rank
      • Latest Contributions
      • Any badges earned by the member
      • Signup date (Member since)
      • Last sign in
      • Lists of posts, solutions, activity, and images

      When you are signed in and you view a member's profile, you'll also have the option to Send a message to friend that member or to ignore that member.

      Manage your profile

      To manage your own profile, sign in, and then select My profile from your Community ID - in the top right of the screen.

      My profile avatar menu screenshot

      From your profile, you can manage your subscriptions, messages, and images.

    • My Settings

      My Settings area allows registered users to modify their profile settings such as:

      • Username
      • Password
      • Personal Information
      • Avatar
      • Notification Preferences

      ...and more!

      To change your Settings:

      1. Click on your Profile in the upper right corner.
      2. Click on My Settings:

      3. My Settings menu screenshot
      4. Here, you can find and modify a wide range of profile settings:

      5. My Settings menu  all options screenshot
      6. Scroll down and Save your changes, at the bottom of each category where the changes are made:

      7. My Settings menu save changes screenshot

      Most changes to profile settings can be done by users, however a Username change requires an approval by the Community Management team via a private message request. A Username change request link is located on the main My Settings screen.

    • Community Blog

      You can keep up with the latest news in the Community Blog!

      The blog is the place to find:

      • The Friday Fix!
      • Tips on how to get started!
      • What's new in the Community!
      • Who's the ACE of the month, or a Blue Ribbon contributor!
      • News from AT&T!

      You'll find a link to the blog in the Explore & discuss menu - in the black bar on the left (near the top of the screen).

      Community Blog explore menu screenshot

    • Joining the conversation

      Ask a question or reply to a post

      The ways you can ask a question and reply to an existing post are very similar.

      Ask a question
      1. To ask a question, select the Ask a question link from underneath your Community ID.

      2. Ask a question button screenshot

        A new screen will open.

      3. Begin typing your question or comment in the Title box that says, "Use a descriptive subject for your question." In the following text boxes, you can provide a detailed description of your question or problem. You can also take advantage of the formatting tabs and buttons available to you.
      4. Below these two text boxes, you can choose where you want your post to appear (Forum/Board/Topic), add tags, and make other choices about your post.
      5. Select the Post button.

      6. Ask a question form screenshot

        Note: If you're new to the community, you will need to Sign up to create an account and post your question. If you're an existing member, you will need to be Logged in to continue.

      When you want to Ask a Question, please keep in mind the following tips:

      • Search first! There may already be an answer to your question!
      • For best visibility, use a descriptive title and avoid single keyword titles.
      • Do not include personal information like full name, email, payment information, phone or account number.
      • In the text fields, provide a brief and detailed description of your questions or problem.
      • For best results, please provide any service and equipment information that may be relevant.
      • You can also attach links, pictures and even videos! For your convenience, we've included a spell check button too.
      • Use drop down boxes to select where the question should Post to and add some tags to help other users find your topic.

      Reply to a post
      1. Be sure you're logged in to the Community.
      2. To reply to a post, select the Reply button below the post. A new screen will open.

      3. Reply button screenshot

        Note: You can access posts, to Reply, from the Forum landing page by selecting the title of the post, to open it, to read it, to Kudo, Me To and then clicking the Reply button to join the conversation.

      4. The top text box will show the title of the post you are replying to. Simply begin typing your comment in the text box below the formatting buttons.
      5. Below the text box, you can add images or files tags and ask post by clicking Reply.

      6. In line Reply screenshot

      What is a "thread"?

      A thread is a series of posts that belong together, created when one or more members of the community responds to a particular post.

      When you post a new message, you've started a thread! If you reply to an existing message, your reply becomes part of the original message thread.

    • Private Messaging

      View and manage messages you've received

      When you have been sent a Personal Message, you will receive an email notification, letting you know that there is a message waiting for you (unless you have decided to opt out, by clicking your avatar > Settings > Private Messenger.)

      1. Be sure you are signed in with your Community ID.
      2. Find the Private Message icon in the top right of the screen. If you have new messages, you'll see the number of unread messages next to the icon.

      3. Private message indicator with new message screenshot

      4. Selecting the icon will take you to the Messages tab of your profile. Unread messages will appear in bold type, with an indicator to the left of the preview.

      5. Private Message inbox screenshot

      6. Select the message subject to View, Reply or Delete your message.
    • Kudos

      When you are signed in to the Community, you can give post a Kudo to a helpful thread, post or reply.

      What can you do with Kudos?

      When searching the Community Forum for helpful posts, you can filter your results by Kudos:

      Community search page, filter by Kudos screenshot

      The higher the Kudos, the more likely that other users have read and taken advantage of the posted reply!

      You can track your Kudos on your Profile page:

      View kudos on user profile pages screenshot

      Then as your content helps more and more customers and garners more high ratings, you can watch your Kudos soar! To assign a Kudo, simply look for and click the purple Thumbs Up icon, to the left of a post. It's just that easy!

      Giving Kudo to a post screenshot

    • Me too

      Selecting the Me too link is a way to show agreement with a post without creating a new post or reply. You can also use Me too to indicate you've had the same issue. If you are signed in, you'll see the Me too link on each original post.

      Marking Me too on a topic screenshot

      A count beside the Me too link tells you how many other members agree with the post.

      Me too marked confirmation screenshot

    • Accepting Solutions

      What are Accepted Solutions?

      An Accepted Solution is an answer that users can replicate to solve their issues or answer their questions themselves - without having to contact, PM, chat or call AT&T.

      How do I find an Accepted Solution?

      Reply posts marked as Accepted Solutions have a green checkmark to the left and right of the posting and the word "Solved by" displayed on the post.

      Topic solved by user screenshot

      You'll also be able to tell which posts have been solved from the Forum landing page. When in the tile view, solved posts will give you the option to View Solution.

      Example of topic that has been solved screenshot

      Accept as a solution

      When you're signed in, you can use the Accept as Solution link to mark replies that answer the question you posted. Community moderators / administrators may also mark a reply to a post to help other members find it.

      How to accept a reply as the solution screenshot

      You'll see the Checkmark icon and the "Solution" label in the green border of the posts that have been accepted as solutions.

      A reply marked as the solution to the topic screenshot

      Remove the accepted solution mark

      If you change your mind, you can remove the marking and select another post using the Not the solution link from the Post Options drop-down list.

    • Notifications

      When you're signed in (or authenticated), notifications give you a subtle pop-up message on the bottom right-corner of your browser screen when any of the following happens:

      • One of your posts is accepted as a solution
      • You are @ mentioned in a thread
      • You rank up

      Notifications pop-up

      Notification pop-ups are active and allow you to quickly navigate to the activity described. For example, if one of your solutions was accepted and you open the notification, you'll be taken to the solution marked. If you just ranked-up in the community, then you be taken your profile page to view your new rank. Or if you were @mentioned in a thread, you will be taken to that post.

      Along with these real-time notification pop-ups, you will have a Notifications counter next to your Private Message (PM) envelope. When you're signed in, you'll see the number of notifications awaiting your review.

      New notification indicator screenshot

      Select the Notifications counter to visit your Notifications page where your most recent 25 notifications will be listed.

      Notification inbox view screenshot

      Note: Notification pop-ups are not available for mobile users. However, the notification counter will still be visible in the mobile experience.

  • Community Basics

    • Ranks

      You can learn a lot about your fellow community members from their rank titles. Higher ranks = more active and helpful in the community. After all - we're all here to help each other!

      Are you wondering how you can increase your rank? Doing these things can help you level up in the community:

      • Reading posts, blogs and other content in the communities and lounges
      • Commenting on content other community members post
      • Tagging content to make it easier for others to find via search
      • Asking questions about your AT&T products
      • Providing answers to other community member's questions
      • Having your answer selected as the accepted solution to a question

      Community members earn ranks based on their level of participation as well as how long they have belonged to the AT&T Community Forums.

      Different ranks have different privileges measured by points, which you accumulate as you progress. Below you can see the new ranks and how they stack up. The ranks kind of "run into each other" depending on the activity of the member - Observer, Curator and Participator. Each activity in the community - reading, creating, replying, tagging - gives points, and points translate to ranks.

      Everyone starts or has started as a New Member

      As that New Member gets involved, they start observing, curating and contributing.

      Rank Name Rank Name
      1. New Member 13. Explorer
      2. Visitor 14. Librarian
      3. Observer 15. Adventurer
      4. Participant 16. Historian
      5. Traveler 17. Mentor
      6. Sifter 18. Scholar
      7. Contributor 19. Guru
      8. Coach 20. Professor
      9. Voyager 21. Master
      10. Tutor 22. Expert
      11. Curator 23. Sage
      12. Teacher *Community Manager*

      Observer Ranks: An Observer read posts. They like to learn!

      Curator Ranks: A Curator tags content to help other members to find good stuff!

      Contributor Ranks: A Contributor create posts and Accepted Solutions. They make things happen! Contributors enjoy the highest ranks.

      Members are automatically given the highest rank for which they qualify, even if they perform multiple types of activities. So, for example, when a Visitor observer starts tagging posts, he'll be ranked a Participant very quickly.

    • Badges

      Have fun, and show your community status too! You can earn badges for all sorts of activities like being active in the community (Wrecking Ball), creating great Accepted solutions (Helpful), and sharing posts on other sites (Social).

      Once you meet the following criteria, the badge will be showcased on your Community Profile page. What are you waiting for?!?

        Badge Name Activity
      1 Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball You're off to a smashing start!
      2 Bricklayer Bricklayer Brick by brick, you're really building a presence in the Community. Keep up the good work!
      3 Nailed It! Nailed It! With 50+ posts, you've really nailed your role as an active community member.
      4 Sledgehammer Sledgehammer You're a smashing success!
      5 Raise the Roof Raise the Roof Five hundred posts! Let's raise the roof!
      6 Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home Look at how far you've come! This community is now home sweet home.
      7 Pillar of the Community Pillar of the Community You stuck around and posted more than 2500 times! Members like you that make this a thriving community. Thanks for all you do!
      8 Helpful 1 Helpful 1 One or more of your replies is marked solved.
      9 Helpful 2 Helpful 2 Five or more of your replies are marked as solved.
      10 Helpful 3 Helpful 3 Twenty or more of your replies are marked as solved.
      11 Helpful 4 Helpful 4 Fifty or more of your replies are marked as solved.
      12 Academic Academic Your accepted solution was featured on att.com.
      13 Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon I'm a blue ribbon contributor.
      14 Picasso Picasso Share 5 images - you're modern!
      15 Michelangelo Michelangelo Share 25 images - you're a master!
      16 Rembrandt Rembrandt Share 50 images - you're a classic!
      17 Problem Finder 1 Problem Finder 1 You Me Too'd topics 30 or more times.
      18 Problem Finder 2 Problem Finder 2 You Me Too'd topics 50 or more times.
      19 Citizenship 1 Citizenship 1 You gave 25 or more 5-star ratings.
      20 Citizenship 2 Citizenship 2 You gave 100 or more 5-star ratings.
      21 Crowd Pleaser 1 Crowd Pleaser 1 Five or more times, your topic was tweeted, emailed, or shared on FB , or your reply got a 5-star rating.
      22 Crowd Pleaser 2 Crowd Pleaser 2 Twenty-five or more times, your topic was tweeted, emailed, or shared on FB, or your reply got a 5-star rating.
      23 Crowd Pleaser 3 Crowd Pleaser 3 Fifty or more times, your topic was tweeted, emailed, or shared on FB, or your reply got a 5-star rating.
      24 Crowd Pleaser 4 Crowd Pleaser 4 100+ of any of the following: Your topic was tweeted Your topic was shared on FB Your topic was emailed Your reply was given a 5-star rating.
      25 Rising Star Rising Star You're a non-employee, non-ACE member who's signed in five or more times and posted 10 or more times, beginning March 1, 2015.

      Extra Badges You Can Earn:

      Badge Name Multilevel Activity
       Beta Tester Beta Tester No Invitation Only: Like to tinker?
       U-verse Pioneer U-verse Pioneer No Exclusive: Founding Member of the Original U-talk Community.
       ACE Achiever ACE Achiever Yes Invitation Only: Award for Community Excellence.

    • ACE

      ACE Banner

      The Award for Community Excellence (ACE) is given annually to highly-respected members who have regularly helped fellow users with outstanding answers, practical advice and timely tips.

      What is the Award for Community Excellence (ACE)?

      The Award for Community Excellence (ACE) is an exclusive designation awarded every year in August to recognize top contributors to the AT&T Support Community.

      If you're selected as an ACE Achiever, then you've gone above and beyond for this important forum. And that's what makes this community work: members like you sharing tips and solutions with other members based on your own experience with AT&T products and services!

      We believe expert users who regularly contribute useful solutions deserve special recognition. And that's what the ACE program is all about.

      How do I become an ACE Achiever?

      ACE Achievers are our most passionate, knowledgeable and valued contributors. To become one, you'll need to meet some basic criteria. For example, you should:

      1. Meet criteria for a minimum number of posts and accepted solutions throughout the year.
      2. Set a model of excellence in the community through your interactions with other users.
      3. Not be an AT&T employee.

      How are ACE Achievers nominated and selected?

      ACE achievers are nominated once a year. We'll announce when nominations open up, usually in July. You can be nominated in two ways:

      1. AT&T Community Managers can nominate top contributors after considering the total number of posts, marked solutions and kudos received from the previous year. They take into consideration how other users have rated nominees on the quality of their interactions.
      2. Other community members can nominate top contributors for an ACE.

      Do I get anything if I'm selected for an ACE?

      Yes! As an ACE achiever, you'll get a special badge that you can display with your forum rank. You may also receive occasional non-cash gifts from AT&T to thank you for your participation.

      I'd like to be nominated for an ACE. What should I do?

      It's easy - participate in the community! There are many ways you can participate. You can write posts, help out other members, answer questions, show your love for other users and just be courteous.

      Do this consistently for a year and chances are good you'll qualify for a nomination. If you don't get nominated by an AT&T Community Manager or another user, you can still become an ACE Achiever.

      Once the nomination period opens up, just give yourself a pat on the back and nominate yourself!

      How do I view all Achievers?

      Glad you asked! View all of our ACE Achievers here!