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I am trying to recover my email but when I go to the forgot password someone changed the recovery email to something I don't know.
How do I transfer my data from my old Genie DVR to the new one?
Is any one else not able to see the newest Outlander episode on Starz on-demand at midnight Saturday night? It is not loaded in by...
My directv will not work on my computer. I continue to get a message to restart video player. How do I do that
I have the choice package and my on demand isn' working
Hi Everyone, Last week I came to Houston for Job purpose and I took apartment at Eldridge Parkway. My Apartment community offer tw...
I am no longer getting voicemail alerts after the latest updates. Any fixes?
Please help, my Samsung Galaxy S8 will not send texted photos. It says it's sending forever and then it says message failed to sen...
Since the app was “updated”, it takes days for content from my dvr to load to my IPad. It’s in the que but nothing downloads. I ha...
I got a message a couple days ago that all my DVRs had been "upgraded" to a new menu format. Supposedly this new menu wo...
Cleveland shows and American dad are both coming in only as Spanish. I've set default language to English and still coming in. Cha...
I am on a 30 month plan with 12 months left until my current phone is paid off. However, I'd like a new phone within the next 6 mo...
Buenas tardes, el día de ayer realice la solicitud de desbloqueo de mi iPhone 7 con AT&T, la cual fue aprobada y me llego el e...
All of my channels are suddenly on parental lock and no info is given on channels when I press “info” button on remote. I’ve messe...