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Our bedroom tv hasn't worked all day. When I turn it on it says 'This location is not authorized' and I am unable to press any oth...
How do I add channel 347 OANN to the ipad app?
I'm constantly receiving the "Install Directv Player" prompt when trying to watch a show on my computer. I have the late...
I will be watching a show and then it will freeze. It's happening more and more.
I would like to know the exact components that I would need to setup the following Genie system: Living Room - 4k TV (I want DVR /...
Encountering periodic slowing of video (like it's running at 0.9 speed) that makes shows/movies off from the video for a minute or...
I was in a shouting match with customer service. If this is even a real customer service phone number provided. DIRECT TV should b...
What is the point of having the app if you cannot watch local channels on an iPhone outside of your home?
Almost a year ago I solicited by phone for a special on a protection plan for DirecTV. I was to notify them if I continue to get c...
Pretty much what the title says. Some of the menus on the mini are really bad and distorted with lines and colors and just look re...
How do you delete history and purchases from showing up on on the history and purchases section of manage recordings. Like to watc...
I have 91% signal strength and brand new wires. Im still getting a 771 error code on most channels
I can't get my info button to work. It just keeps making a thumping sound. No channel information comes on the screen.
Got the HR54 genie installed today but only got the C41 mini. Shouldn't I have gotten the newer mini?
How long should it take for the system to get everything done and be working 100% like it should be?

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