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I feel a need to communicate regarding my very time consuming and frustrating process of switching over to Direct TV from At&T...
I just changed into a new 2 year agreement and a technician came out and replaced some Directtv equipment. How do I return the old...
When I click on a tv channel shown on Roku (USA, History, etc.). It referrs me to my tv supplier. I have searched the Directv web...
Yesterday I had a very disturbing and frustrating customer service experience I would like to share. I spoke to AT&T last week...
Has FoxNews channel been downgraded to 480i resolution?
Trying to connect my DVR to my phone to watch recorded shows. After an hour and transfer to six people. Hung up on twice. (Why do...
I got bad service from calling directv customer support number. i want to complain but I can find no way to send an email to direc...
How do I hook up my stereo to Direct TV that has no HDMI input?
Hello I am unable to log into direct TV app on my phone. Please help.
I have my Direct TV installed yesterday. I am trying to get the promised $200 prepaid card and spent 30 minutes on the phone w/ Di...
How to fix the ip. Address in the direct tv app it keeps dropping out
Hi I have a directv HR 44-700 with a rc72 remote and I am at a loss as to how to program my klipsch R-20b soundbar, any help would...
My tablet (Verizon ellipsis 8) recently updated to DirecTV for tablets version 4.4.104. I can no longer open the app. I just get a...
Because of this issue unable to program a show on my iPhone 7 Plus
I refreshed my receiver per the message that I received on my television. Since then my local channels are flickering the color. T...

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