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AT&T Locker is being discontinued on August 3rd, 2017. Be sure to download all your content ASAP. Ways to download AT&T Lo...
Someone is harassing my private cell phone number with repeat calls. My phone caller ID gives me [edited for privacy-please do not...
My Samsung galaxy s5 got wet in the hot tub now when you plug it in it just keeps blinking the name Samsung galaxy s5 active and a...
My phone contract will expire beginning of May 2017. We have grandfathered plan with unlimited data and last month received a lett...
I haven't got it yet. Have you gave it to anyone yet?
What email address for ATT to resolve unauthorized "internet service change and charge"? Thanks I reported a malfunction...
iPhone 6 iOS 10.02 I got this error message when I tried to update my voicemail greeting. Any idea how to fix it?
Desbloqueo de dispositivo telefonico- como solicitar, verificar el estado y cosas que debe saber Entendemos que puede ser difícil...
I have a problem with signal since this morning. Sometimes there's a signal but only one dot but most of the time there's no servi...
Previously I topped up $100 and the expiry would be good for 1 year. But now $10 is only going to be good 30 days. Is there a way...
Since about 2 days money is taken off off my pre-paid account for messages on the internet, like Facebook. I see this as theft, as...
Hello. Hopefully just a quick one- does the GoPhone $45 monthly prepaid service come with data in Canada without paying any extra?...
Does AT&T own dish network now?
Letter to AT&T I am a senior citizen, am looking for phone service on my rural property. I own a property: [edited for privacy...

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AT&T Locker is being discontinued on August 3rd. Find out what you need to do.

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