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In the middle of the March, two representitive came to my business and offered me DTV and reduce AT&T U-verse bill. In the bus...
I received two checks for the ATTM Settlement. Is this legit or a scam? The check offered a web site to look into, www.attmsettlem...
I’m new to AT&T Landline Texting and need to send a message to one of my colleagues. Does anyone know how?
I have handed over a project to one of my colleagues and wanted to change the contact email for the project group over to her in p...
I’m trying to turn off the AT&T Cargo View device, but it’s still green. How do I turn it off?
I was told that there was a way to get notifications in regards to product updates for AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite. How...
I've been asked to provide a CSR (customer service record) and am told I can access via BusinessDirect. Can someone provide stpes...
I’m looking for a way to send the contact information to AT&T Landline Texting. How do I add a bunch of contacts at once?
What is the easiest way to find a message in pdvConnect?
I’m looking to give my boss information on where I will be while I work my route. Is there a way to see route details?
I’m temporarily in charge of the AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite users and need to update the settings for the product updat...
My AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite admin sent an email that they need us to confirm which version of the app we are running....
One of my clients sent me information in AT&T Landline Texting. How do I see an existing conversation?
When we set up our pdvConnect from AT&T account, we were told that you can have the system provide a report if certain paramet...
I’m looking through the geofences on my AT&T Cargo View account, and I want to know how I could see more details on this map?

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