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Network/Coverage Geographic Divisions?

Network/Coverage Geographic Divisions?

I wonder if you've considered subdividing the "Network Coverage" section into subsections by state or region.
The way the forum looks now it seems like just a mess of random posts with, say, one user saying they can't make calls in Kalamazoo and another complaining data is slow in Wichita.
It doesn't really help a customer trying to assess the state of the network in her own area.
If there was a separate subforum for each state it would be easier for a customer to tell if her problem or issue was being experienced by others, and would probably lead to fewer posts with longer threads rather than tons of single posts.

(The conspiracy theorist in me says that perhaps ATT prefers the Network section be less useful, the same way they will not release outage information or maps of network trouble areas. But I can't understand what the point of concealing such information would be...)
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Re: Network/Coverage Geographic Divisions?

I think you have a good idea there.  I would also like to see AT&T do this.  I think it would make things easier.

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Re: Network/Coverage Geographic Divisions?

I agree

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