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HORRIBLE customer service!


HORRIBLE customer service!

What is the protocol for verifying an order prior to canceling for 'supicious fraud'!?


Yesterday, I spent 3 hours logged in my AT&T account, in a chat session with 'Rebecca', AND had verbally verified my identity over the phone during a phone call, just to port over my 3 kids' numbers from Verizon, purchase 3 phones and add 2 watches to my existing AT&T account. I am the account holder. I called from my AT&T cellphone, logged on from my home computer IP (on Uverse internet), received emails from AT&T to my email address on file during the chat session, and used my personal credit card to place the order.  Why did this take so long to begin with, I have no idea!!  The phones were BOGO free but wouldn't reflect that in the cart, same for the watches. When Rebecca (chat rep) and I finally got that fixed, and I was submitting payment and finalizing the order, the AT&T website had a 'technical error' and I had to start over from the beginning.  And all this time, the online chat rep was patiently guiding me through the process.  Finally, we got the order to go through!


Today I received an email stating that AT&T couldn't verify my identity, and the order was cancelled. Just like that! No text, no email, no phone call stating there was suspicious activity on the account and I needed to contact AT&T to verify the transactions.  I REFUSE TO WASTE ANOTHER 3 HOURS!  The AT&T agent I just spoke to after receiving the cancellation email was very rude and said I was comitting fraud by using someone's identity.  I've had this account with AT&T for almost 15 years.  Transferring my $800/mth TV, internet, and phone service to Verizon is looking better and better.

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Re: HORRIBLE customer service!

Hello @cnilder


Thank you for posting your concerns. I’m so sorry your order was cancelled. This is not the experience we want any of our customers to have and we do not tolerate rudeness from any of our reps.


Typically when the order is placed, we send an email to the address on the account to finalize it. I apologize you did not receive the email.


I unfortunately don’t know why you would have been told anything about fraudulent activity. We’ll be happy to help get this resolved and would also like to get more information on the rep you spoke with on the phone.


So I can further assist you, please private message me and provide your name and a good contact number.


We look forward to hearing from your and truly appreciate your business with AT&T.


Tim, Community Specialist

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