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iPhones xs max


iPhones xs max

With the buy one get one do you need to have a new line in order to qualify. Can it be for exsisting customers as well who don’t have direct tv 

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‎10-01-2018 7:54 PM

Re: iPhones xs max

Learn how to get $700 in credits when you buy a second iPhone.

When you buy both on AT&T Next® (up to $1450 each) with wireless (min. $65/mo. combined after discount) and have DIRECTV (min. $29.99/mo.).

Req's new line. Free after credits over 30 mos. If svc cancelled, device balance due.
$30 Activation and other terms apply.

Above is from the AT&T website

According to the offer, It looks like you have to have both, a new line and DIRECTV !


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Re: iPhones xs max

I got my son a brand new iPhone X max and in the settings there’s not a option for a mobile hotspot set up can you please help me

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Re: iPhones xs max

Tell me how you did get two lines for the price of one please! 

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