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Why was $1 taken out of my bank account?


Why was $1 taken out of my bank account?

I signed up for an AT&T unlimited wireless account a few days ago. The only thing I owed for that day was tax, which I used my credit for that I got from the phone I traded in, so my debit card was not charged anything that day. I just checked my bank account and $1 was deducted from by account by AT&T. I know some companies sometimes put a hold of $1 on your account until the full amount comes out, so I'm worried that in a day or two I will have an even larger amount missing. I did sign up for auto-pay, so I'm thinking maybe this is what they do to make sure the card given for the payments is valid? Would anyone have any idea as to why my account was charged? Thanks in advanced!

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‎07-12-2018 8:39 AM

Re: Why was $1 taken out of my bank account?

they do a 1 dollar charge to verify your card is valid and usually is returned right away, usually it just says pending if you go on to your account but doesn't actually come out of your account.


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Re: Why was $1 taken out of my bank account?

Awesome. That's what I had in mind, but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you!

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