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Why am I being charged for January when its March?!


Why am I being charged for January when its March?!

Hello, my name is Ryland. I bought a brand new iphone 4s on January 24th 2012 and signed up for my 2 year plan. On the 27th my friend decided to get one as well so we joined a family plan together where we would be paying roughly around $75 a piece. Well my first months payment on February the 27th was just that, the $75. Well this month they want to charge me $56 for my service from 1/27-2/24. My question is simply this... WHY?!?!?!?! It is March 23rd when my bill is due so I dont understand this at all. Please answer me ASAP!!!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Why am I being charged for January when its March?!

Hi there ryry1992!

Sorry to hear about the confusion!

Okay, according to your post, you started a line on 1/24 and then opened another line on 1/27, correct?

If so, it seems that on your March statement they charged you the $56 on the second line opened on 1/27. When you opened the line, it was the beginning of a new billing cycle and so the plan was prorated at the time. So, in the first bill, they charged you for the service during these terms:

1/27-2/24 and 2/25-3/24

When your bill arrives, you are billed for the next month of service, for example on a January bill you would see your plan being charged 1/25-2/24 for February. This is the reason why you may be sometimes billed one month in advance on a first bill and then the second one is significantly lower. Smiley Happy

I hope that makes sense. Smiley Happy

- Evandela
~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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