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Unreasonable charge!?


Unreasonable charge!?

I am getting charged on my bill for having missed calls while my phone is off while being on a cruise?? Each missed call is not little, it's $2.50. What if someone missed hundreds of calls?? I went to nearby AT&T and they were no help at all. I called in and being on the line for hours and being transferred several times until someone finally anle to "help". First, she stated that "you are being charged because of missed calls.".......WHAT?? YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT? She said she cannot remove it, then after half an hour, she say she can take off only 50%? Ok? Well I want ALL off. I want it all off because I paid $500 for the cruise internet for a reason on my ipad which has no associate with ATT. And my phone was never on. what a rediculous charge! I am not paying for that. Wow am getting charged for putting my phone in the baggage while on vacation. If I have missed 100 phone calls from scammers or fake ATT calls... $200 $300 to ATT ? NO WAY
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Re: Unreasonable charge!?

If your phone was truely powered off, you would not have been charged, because the phone would not have been talking to the towers to alert ATT that you were out of the country. If the phone is on, the missed call has to be forwarded back to a domestic tower to provide the outgoing voicemail greeting and allow a message to be left. Had the phone been off, that forwarding would not have needed to occur, as the calls would have gone straight to voicemail.

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