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Trying to return a phone within 14 days of purchase


Trying to return a phone within 14 days of purchase


I got an iphone 7 with a connection from at&t with no contract. I was charged $45 up front for taxes. After going home, I found out that I am not able to use my hotspot. I called the company and they could not locate me as a customer because I was given a pin number and they did not have my social on file. I went back to the point of sale. They told me that I did not have hotspot on that plan so I decided to cancel the plan and return the phone. Since I had switched from T mobile, I was said to go back to T mobile and activate my number back with them before the do the return for me. I did that and went back to at&t for the return. They told me there is a $35 restocking fee that will be deducted from the amount of $45 that I had already paid and $10 will be refunded. Though no one told me about the restocking fee at the time purchase but since the sales person showed me on the back of the recede, I did agree with that. The sales person went in and came back telling me that then have to charge me $45 because they can not refund it to me. I asked if I could talk to a manager he refused. I asked him to call the company for me and he did. After talking to the representative, she told me it is the store who needs to help me and they can not do any thing about it. If they want they can refund me since the recede says $35 but they refused again. I asked again to see a manager and he said there is no manager on duty. After I said ok I will come back when your manager is there, he went in and brought another person who was supposedly the manager. He told me they cant refund it and that the recede was an old one and now things have changed so I had to give up the $45. It is not about $10. I already ended up paying more to my previous carrier while switching back to them since they did not have that previous plan any more. It is about something that is not right. It is about misbehavior and about not helping and pushing me to a deadlock and pressurizing me to do the return they way they want though they paper says something else. I walked out of the store with the phone and can basically trash it after experiencing this kind of business. And the company does not have any social security for me on file since there is no contract signed. I am just trying to be responsible, pay back for the restocking and give them the phone but apparently they dont deserve. I will wait for what do you say at this kind of situation.

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Re: Trying to return a phone within 14 days of purchase

The restocking fee is $45, not $35.  It is to discourage people from making impulse buys, then returning a phone which can no longer be sold as new.  

The charge is entirely valid.  

For future reference, Apple sells the unlocked version, which you could use on any carrier.  You should never saddle yourself with a locked and limited iPhone.  

You also could have brought an unlocked t-mobile phone to try ATT service.  


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Re: Trying to return a phone within 14 days of purchase

bull crap I bought a new prepaid phone it was defected so they said send it back give me credit so I did $50 phone got $8.50 back did not tell me they have a scam $45 restocking fee. at&t big company gets to steal from customers never from me and every 1 I tell.

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