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The Bate and Switched issues


The Bate and Switched issues

I am putting this out there. I have been dealing with customer servce, the store manager, and now a memeber of the Social Media Team(whom consulted which his whole team). I am extreamly tired of the beating around the bush and just receiving apologies for the misunderstanding, and I wasn't lied to. You not disclosing the full story is still lieing to me. Misleading me is still lieing to me. The following is my last response to the Social Media Team, and it is time to just add another Thread to the endless threads of the mislead customers out there. I honestly hope that this helps fellow comsumers that are in the same boat as myself, and hope that AT&T figures out how to regain the loyality of all the consumers they have hurt.


 Following is the responce to DougC

                                        myAT&T Social Media Team
                                        AT&T Social Media Manager


And again, don't answer my questions. Sounds and looks like everyone is avoiding the issue. I understand that you guys are sorry that this has happened, but after reading the forms online, this is not a rare occasion and situation. 

I was able to see endless pages from other customers with the whole "Bate and Switch" issues. Every one of those had no satisfying outcome. Under what I have read in majority of those, you guys lost that customer. Few of them only an AT&T customers for a few years to one that was a customer for 45 years. Every one that I looked into, that loyal customer just shown how AT&T did nothing but apologized for the issue. It to the point you guys have also lost this former loyal customer as well. 

All I have been hearing since the 5th of June, sorry you got lied too. We can't give you that much of a credit. We can't fix what the sales person did to you months ago. We know we promised this, but we can't keep our word. But we will back date this bill and give you $173 credit. You still owe us, even though we lied and that is still $440 difference from what we promised on the 17th. In reality, we didn't lie, just didn't tell you the whole truth. 

In all, I am still a VERY DISSATISFIED customer. You guys have lost my trust and faith in you guys taking care of us, the customer. You guys show you are there for the commission and profit, and not taking care of the consumer.
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Re: The Bate and Switched issues

Hello, handsomsmiley!

Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent billing issues. It looks like you already have a case number assigned, so I would recommend that you continue to work with the representative assigned to your case.


This team is not the same team as the customer care you've worked with over the phone, and they will work very hard to find an acceptable resolution.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.



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Re: The Bate and Switched issues

I currently have the same issues with my AT&T wireless. I was give a very good deal that's why I switched from T mobile to AT&T and guess what up to now....But after getting the unit, I found out that I was given a wrong information...So right now no update from those Managers who promised me that it will be adjusted according to the plan that was offered to me....and no update also from one of the Social Media Manager named Annelle who sent me a message that she will call me.


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Re: The Bate and Switched issues

I have the same going on here too. They have no problem saying that theyre sorry but you must pay. they are great liars. they don't care about us. Heck theyre not even sorry, they throw that word around like it means something.... yeah I'm the one who is sorry for listening to their lies. I have been a customer for 8 years and believe me I have heard some whoppers from att. I'm cancelling my service too!!

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Re: The Bate and Switched issues

Exact same problem. We were lured with an awesome plan to switch from tmobile. We were supposed to save money we arent saving anything. We want the plan we were promised.
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