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Stephanie the manager has 0 people skills


Stephanie the manager has 0 people skills

I was asking for some credit with my bill because we did not use them at all. This Stephanie, manager from KY, couldn't give us any credit at all. This all began when I was informed that the unused portion of my international plan will be credited back, all I have to do is call att when I get back from overseas. So I called back to have them credit it back but this Stephanie was very adamant about not giving me a credit. She told me I was misinformed and that I have to pay the full amount which is obviously NOT my fault but the customer rep I spoke with who signed me up for the international plan. Since this Stephanie, so called manager, could not help me, she transferred me over to Shelly another manager and Shelley was able to give me some credits to my bill.
I don't understand why another manager can give me credits while this cold hearted Stephanie from KY, cannot do it? I've been with att for a very long time and situations like this, they should give considerations to clients ESP when they are paying their bills on time. I hope this complaint will go to the complaints committee so this will be dealt accordingly .
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Re: Stephanie the manager has 0 people skills

It's a shame that credits weren't available, but that's not unusual. Sometimes they're available, but usually not unless there's a system mistake.


DId she not let you down easy?


Personally, I would've tried to use verbage, like, "We do value you as a customer, but there seems to not have been any sort of mistake and adjustments are currently unavailable. In the future, I'd reccomend attempting to make changes before your bill cycle closes."


Had she been rude? Was there some way she could have conveyed the same message (ie that it wasn't possible) in a more friendly and courteous manner?


Let's be honest, AT&T reps/manager should always leave you feeling like they wanted to help you. Getting a plan, keeping it beyond the end of the month, and then wanting to get a refund, is like returning milk after its sell-by date. It's just . . . too late. It doesnt hurt to ask, but realistically it's probably not going to happen, and expecting something unrealistic is just frustrating.


So, again, I'm not surprised about the facts, and neither should you, but they should have been provided in the best possible manner.


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Re: Stephanie the manager has 0 people skills

Loganic---I appreciate your comment on this matter. However, when we signed up for the international plan with cust rep Rebecca, we were told repeatedly that unused minutes will be credited back to our account. So we relied on her statement thats why we signed up for the plan. And then we came back, called ATT and now theyre telling a diff. story. You think this is a joke? We TRUSTED her completely thats why we signed up for this!! And when the call was transferred to Stephanie, manager from KY, she wont even give credits at all! They say we were misinformed but whos fault is it huh...Loganic??? Because Rebecca, cust rep gave us the wrong info, so now we have to pay for her mistake??? Are you freaking kidding me??!!

Its a good not everybody that works at ATT are inconsiderate. When I was transferred to Shelley, another manager from KY, she agreed to give us credits. Why Stephanie cannot do the same thing that Shelley did for us is a big question mark. Maybe she thinks its gonna come out of her paycheck thats why she cant give any credits. 


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Re: Stephanie the manager has 0 people skills

Oh and by the way, theres not even an APOLOGY from Stephanie about this issue. Good thing Shelly apologized. Why this Stephanie work in a service oriented department is beyond me. You can defend her Loganic all you want...I dont care. I stand by what I said and its true!

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