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Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T


Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T



My girlfriend has been scammed by EOS CCA after leaving AT&T 3 years ago in a similar manner to the one discussed in this thread: http://forums.att.com/t5/U-Verse-Billing/ATT-Error-sends-me-to-collection-Agency-EOS-CCA/td-p/322582... 


She had paid over $500 to them via paymybill.com (which is the method stated on their statement) to clear the amount, which was not reflected by EOS CCA's next bill, it only grew higher. I have copies of the bank account statement, the EOS CCA letter as well as a confirmation number for payment to paymybill.com (which currently does not exist anymore).


We have tried many things, including challenging the credit report as well as telling EOS CCA over the phone that we have paid (which of course has not worked, and the payment amount just gets larger with her debt and credit getting worse). Also, a few months ago, she had called AT&T. They told her she left AT&T in good standing with all debts paid and said they would send us a copy of this to prove it though they never did. When she called the other day they transferred her to EOS CCA. Again, no help there.


I know others are having this problem, and we are at the end of our wits trying to get rid of these scammers. If you can do anything to help, please PM me.


Thank you for taking the time,

Jared N.

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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

I would recommend that you send a Private Message to Community Support team, They may be able to resolve your Issue. Hopefully they can help.

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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

I just received my FIRST piece of correspondence from EOS CCA this past Tuesday and I immediately called them to find out what this was about. I was told it was for an old Verizon cell phone bill. The bill says ATT Mobility and they are saying its for a Verizon bill. First Red Flag. 



The bill was for $1025.00!! $699.95 for the phone bill and $300.00 in interest and penalties. Since when does a cell carrier allow a customer to rack up $700 in charges without disconnecting service!!!



When I said I hadn't had that phone number in years and when I terminated service the account was paid in full. I asked when this was from and was told I opened the account in May 2006 and it was writen off to collection in December 2008!!! It has taken 5 years to contact me??? Again, NEVER ONCE did I receive a letter, bill, phone call, etc. I still have the same home phone number I had when I opened the account. I asked if they had that number on file and was told yes. Why hasn't anyone called????



I requested a detailed copy of a bill showing $700 worth of charges. I was told I had to contact ATT directly. I called immediately and after almost 1 hour and 20 minutes of being transferred and repeating the story over and over I was told by Basil Stevens ID #BA255B and Benjamin from Customer Care that this showed paid in August 2008 and they had no idea why I received this bill.  They asked me for the number of the collection agency and the person I spoke to there and said they were going to contact them  and tell them that this was an error. They also asked for my contact number because I would receive a call back advising that this was taken care of. So, NOT one but TWO separate customer care reps told me the exact same thing.This took place on Tues. Nov 26, 2013. I called EOS and explained everything and was told by Michelle that I could just settle everything that night by paying a one time fee of $488.00!!!!!I had to explain that I was not calling to pay but to DISPUTE!!



On Sat. Nov 30, 2013 I received a call from EOS. Since this was Thanksgiving week I just assumed that people were on vacation and that was probably the reason ATT had not contacted them yet,  I explained the entire story again to the girl calling from EOS and said I would call ATT and find out when they were going to call them. I called and spoke to a gentleman who said my account was no longer with them so he couldn't help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold for almost 20 minutes before she got on. Her name was Marina. After going through the whole story AGAIN, she said this was written off to collection and my responsibility. When I asked her what was recorded from my previous calls with ATT she said there was nothing. I spent almost and hour and a half and not one record of a discussion is logged??? I then asked for a copy of a detailed bill to be sent. When she asked for my address I told her and she said that since it was different than the one on file when the account was written off she didn't think she could provide one because changes can no longer be made on the account!!! It is my LEGAL RIGHT to reques and receive a bill. When I said that she asked for my address and there was SO MUCH NOISE IN THE BACKGROUND she asked me for it 7 times!!! She said it would take 7-10 days but I have a feeling that bill will never arrive.



I then called the collection agency back and this time spoke to Darina. I said I was officially disputing this bill and asked for a fax number to send in writing that I was disputing. After she gave  me the fax # I once again said I couldn't believe the company would let me rack up charges of 700.00 and not disconnect service. She said she could explain why and proceeded with the following explaination:

   "The phone company allows 2 months before turning off service. So if my monthly charges were

     $100 that would be 200.00 for two months. Then, if I opened the account in May 2006 and it was 

     written off in Dec. 2008 I may have had a 3 year contract and the balance is for the early termination


So, if it was a 3 year contract your telling me that ATT charges $500 for terminating 5 months early!!!!!




After seeing the things online about both ATT and EOS I am really beginning to think scam is a vey very big possibility.


Sorry for the length of this, but I had to include everything in order to get the whole story.

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Former Employee

Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

Hello, ndlpt5!


Thanks for posting. Something definitely sounds off about your situation. If you'd like us to review your account for you, send us a private message by clicking here, and we'll investigate further. 


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen. 


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!




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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

Did you get this problem worked out? My situation is similar to yours. No one can seem to give me an answer. I'm submitting a complaint to the attorney general and Better Business Bureau

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Former Employee

Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

Hello, sar04001!


We would appreciate the opportunity to help. Have you tried sending us a private message as advised above?


If not, I strongly encourage you to do so as soon as you can so we can begin to investigate. If you choose to send us a message, please include your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

I have the same problem, with AT&T trying to scam me and having it reported to my credit agency. I will contacting EOS to dispute this fraud and filing a dispute with all three credit agencies.

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Community Manager

Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

Hello @mreyero Welcome to the Forums!


We'll be happy to help you with that, but because it's account specific, please send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

I would like to begin with letting the employees of AT&T know that I have already contacted AT&T directly and confirmed that I am in good standing. Please do not respond with another post recommending I contact AT&T directly with this concern. What I want is an email and/or text alert sent to all AT&T customers that EOS CCA is attempting to scam their customers.


I first received a letter from EOS CCA late June of this year stating I had a notice of collection placement from AT&T Mobility for $129.88. This was an odd amount due, and I was confused that I was being threatened to be sent to collections without AT&T contacting me first, as they have always contacted me directly if I was late; I have been with AT&T for 12-13 years. 
I ended up disregarding the letter because I was relieved when I called and was able to pay my usual amount, thinking it was just a mistake on their end, and I got a confirmation via text and on the phone that all was up to date.


For the past 10 days, I have been receiving calls from this number: (844)845-**** and now (844)845-****. I did not answer the first few times, but when I called back at a later hour, an automated message said it was EOS attempting to collect a debt and to please call back during business hours - no business hours stated, no information on who they were attempting to collect from, and no voicemails have been left.


I finally answered one call and it was a very pushy, rude, demeaning man telling me I am one of hundreds of people who say that I am in good standing and have made my payments and do not understand what this is about. He proceeded to frustratingly say he has been the company for 5 years, blah blah blah; I told him I would be contacting AT&T directly, I was not going to give him ANY information he was asking for and hung up as his voice continued to rise.


I just called AT&T and spoke with a man named Caleb, who verified that I was in good standing and confirmed this with AT&T Mobility's collection department. I asked if he can start a report on this company and alert customers, he said yes, he was just in the process, and then asked if I had anything else he could help with; *I had to ask him if he would like the name of the company*...this makes me feel as if my request to report the company was just going to be disregarded. Caleb also told me if they continue to call, I can call AT&T direct to make sure I am in good standing...um, thank you, that is exactly what I was doing, but what I want is NOT to have to continue doing this, and for others to be alerted. 




[Edited to comply with Guidelines - removed phone numbers]

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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

FYI - I have reported a scam alert on EOS CCA with the Better Business Bureau and filed a a complaint. It is a little time consuming, but hope that anyone else who receives these letters or calls from this agency will do the same.


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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

Yeah, EOS-CCA badgered me at home & on my cell -- I was bewildered and angry as to them somehow getting a hold of my home phone, as I never use it for my personal business -- in fact, I rarely use the land line.  If I could, I would dump it.  I ended up leaving the phone off the hook (they'd call 3-5 times in a day sometimes, but at least once daily), so there wasn't a trace available for those calls.  I only had 1 voice mail from them, identifying the company as EOS-CCA.  


About 45 days after the calls began, I was sent a letter by them, claiming I owed AT & T Mobility over $600, and I could take advantage of a 1-time offer to pay just over half, via check, money order, or, providing card info.  The phone numbers did not match the ones you see on the web.  I knew it was a scam all the way.


For starters, my phone is a GO Phone -- no contract, let alone outstanding debt.  I called AT & T, and they offered to change my number (I'm on Do Not Call, too) for free, which I deferred for now.



Today, CCS -- Credit Collection Services (scam) called my cell phone -- first time in about a year.  My lawyer told me that if we get such calls, these companies can get fined $1,500 for each infraction.  I am keeping a log (they left voice mail identifying themselves as CCS, and as debt collectors) of the calls


[Legal discussions are not permitted per the Guidelines]

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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

I just received a hit on this too from AT&T. I had their services for YEARS without any issues. I had to make changes to my account, which I did over the phone. I didn't know that the changes I made meant I was locked in for another 2 years!! NOTHING was mentioned about it. So I had the service for about another year after the changes and I was really starting to have more and more problems. They said I needed to buy a new phone because the one I had was old and that's probably why, because of the changes at AT&T and I should get something newer. Well heck, I like electronics, so why not?! I bought a new phone! BUT, the service still sucked! I could sit in my living room and have no service. I could walk out into my yard, front or back, and see their cell tower, and then only have 1 bar?! I was a subcontractor doing construction at the time. My contractors would call needing help when I was at home sometimes, and I couldn't get my calls!! I literally lost THOUSANDS of dollars because of it!!!! Not including buying the phone even. I lived 4 states away from my family and couldn't talk to them either. Now I have an outstanding bill that went to collections, from an account that I closed over 7 years ago????? I REFUSE to pay and have disputed it since I first found out I was locked into another 2 year agreement without my permission.
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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

same goes here my friend ..i have a situations just like you I have been a loyal customer with AT&T since 1993.

I was shockto hear that a debt collector calls me for my passdue bal..he sd that his name is Michael Clark calling from EOS CCA collections company for the bill of $545.00 he told me that this was a bill that got written off since 2010..I was totally shock about that Isimply sd that I do not owed this Im still with AT&T so disputed this bill he ask me to send letter of dispute in writting and he end the call..

I also thought that he is trying to scam me so I immediately call up AT&T and the rep sd that I made a changes on the services so this was written off as a final bill although I still continued with the same services and I realised that I actualy did that and as per the term and conditions of the contract that i had with at&t if there are changes made the services will be terminated and continue with the services but with a different account or refrence num..

and the rep from at&t told me I hve to contact EOS CCA for this..

I contact them back and paid off my bills they provide me a confirmation nums and they had also reported back to credit unions that this has been paid off so I can again have a good credit status....THANK YOU EOS CCA FOR HELPING ME AND MAKING ME AWARE OF THIS BILLS AND I COULD REGAIN MY CREDITS REPORT IN GOOD STATUS







Mark johnson

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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

They sent me a letter for a service I have NEVER used. Only got to the US a month back and have been a T-Mobile user since. Have already sent a message to ATT here on the forums. If this is not resolved within the next two days and a formal written apology issued, I will take this up with FTC and ensure that I sue everyone involved here.

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Re: Scammed by EOS CCA for the Past 3 Years after Leaving AT&T

me too but this time from verizon they have no record of the  deb i call them 100 of times but they claim that the charges where made by another  veerizon company the diamond still the problem remains so i e mail the federal trade commision anbd see what it wiull come with them

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