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Return payment

On September 7, I called AT&T to cancel my service. I told the representative who helped me that I wanted to pay off everything including my accessories to close my account. The representative just told me I had to pay my accessories off and the installment plan on my phone. In late October, I received an email, from AT&T saying that they took $90 out of my account. Not knowing what this charge was for and after talking to several different representatives (one who told me they tried taking this money out last month but it was not working, one who said I didn't need to pay it, and one who told me when I cancelled my account the money I payed when cancelling my account went to a different bill) no one could tell me what the charge was for. Because I didn't know what the charge was for, and I know longer had AT&T I called my bank to unauthorized the payment because I did not feel comfortable allowing them to take money out of my account without knowing what is was for. I decided to go to my local AT&T store and they told me it was a final bill. When I called to cancel my service I was never told I had a final bill, because if I was I would have payed it when I cancelled my service, the representative claimed that they were able to see future charges on a bill. So Tried paying it in the store and they said because my account is cancelled I am not able to pay it in the store so I would have to call and pay it over the phone. With being that I was still uncomfortable with AT&T having my account information, I called asking for a bill to be sent to me so I can pay it using a money order. The representative told me the bill would just be for $90 (which was the original bill amount). When I received the paper bill I sent the payment off. I checked my AT&T account to make sure they received the bill and when I looked at the I noticed that an extra charge was on my account (AT&T charged me for a bill reprint). I called and the representative I talked to was very helpful and said the representative who I talked to to get the paper bill didn't uncheck the box charging me for the paper bill. A few days later my I noticed they've received my payment, but I was charged an extra $26.83 for a return payment. Is the anyway to be credit that $26.83 due to that fact that I shouldn't have be charged for being uncomfortable about money being taken out of my account when I didn't know what it was for, and for canceling my service in the first place, being missed informed by several representative and the fact that I did pay my bill. 

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‎11-19-2018 12:53 PM

Re: Return payment

Hello @kaycee20, we'd be glad to assist you. The return fee assists with some of the banking fees associated with the returned payment. Because of this, we are unable to credit the fee. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks for reaching out to us.


Makaela, AT&T Community Specialist.


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