Questions on adding another phone to the plan


Questions on adding another phone to the plan

Right now I have only my phone on the plan.  I have 450 min w/ Rollover,3gb data, unlimited texting and M2M. I've collected about 4,000 rollover minutes since I've had the phone (March 1st 2012)


I want to add my son to my plan.  Through my research I"m guessing my best guess is to go w/ the family share plan, (or is that my only option?)  It looks like the cost wouldn't be much different, as it's $70 + $40 for the extra phone. w/ insurance and possibley the limits option it looks like it'd be about $20 more.  Do I have that right?  I pay $111 right now for my line alone.  


Ok anyway, I assume I would lose the 4000 rollover but I guess since the share plan is unlimited talk and text I don't have to worry about that.  (All that "work" of saving the minutes wasted tho, lol)


It wouldn't make sense to add another full line right? It'd be almost $200 at that point. Any advice/help would be great.

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Re: Questions on adding another phone to the plan

With the mobile share plan, the $70 dollars doesn't include the phone, so it would be $70 + $40 + $40 for $150. Not including the insurance or extra features of course. 


The other option is maybe a 700 minute family plan. That's $69.99 + your data plan + unlimited texting + his data plan. So that would be 70+30+30+30 (assuming he gets the 3gb plan too) for a total of $160. So that's a 10 dollar difference. If he gets the 300mb plan it would be $150. Again, not including any extras yet like insurance. 


So, if he's getting a smartphone, you're better off with the mobile share plan at $150. If he's getting a 'dumbphone' you can get unlimited data on his line for 10 dollars making the 700 minute plan come down to $140.  



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Re: Questions on adding another phone to the plan

Thanks Ujmnz! I didn't realize that I'd have the $40 for my phone too. Smiley Wink He's got a non-activated iPhone 4 now, it's from his father's account but I want him on my account so I'm just getting him a 4 for 1c, he doens't even need a 4s. Just something so we can contact each other if need be when he has no wifi.
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