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Problem with billing and being told something in order to sell product that was not true


Problem with billing and being told something in order to sell product that was not true

We recently upgraded our account on our wireless with much hesitation due to problems we have had in the past but were assured they would not happen this time ......but they happened again and I'm not getting a satisfactory solution.


We had a plan we were happy with and were talked into switching plans (against my better judgement) but they assured us we would save money AND that we never came close to the data usage so we would be fine with 2gb to share for our three devices (2 iphone 5's and a ipad mini) so we switched from our unlimited data to save money......that was problem one.

Now last two months I have received warnings on how we are nearing our data usage with no change in what we do I don't understand that.  I called to question it and they can't explain it ok I came close but didn't go over both months so its ok I'll live with that

 THEN  my other concern was the upgrade fee which was listed as 19.99  I said we will not upgrade and pay a fee we have been with AT&T for over 25-30 YEARS  they have always waived my fee..... I was told not a problem they would wave the fee for being loyal customers.  I get my bill this month and they charged me 108.00 upgrade fees!! (not even the 19.99 but 36.00 per item)

  I called spoke with customer service about getting it corrected and I'm told it can't be wavied that they don't do this any longer ....basically I was lied to not by one person but three... as we spoke to the store person who told us this,  AT & T on the phone from the store the same day about this, and with someone on phone before we even went to the store.  I understand procedure, I understand rules, but not lies to sell a product.  I spoke with customer service and they were kind enough to offer a 25.00 credit but I think that is ridiculous considering the fee of 108.00 (36.00 per item)  when I was told NOTHING TO PAY. I even said I was willing to pay for the new device as that was not on plan before (36.00).  Well I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transfered to one she procceeded to explain policy and procedure again and when I asked to talk to someone higher and to just credit the 25.00 they told me they would credit,  I was then told they couldn't even give me the 25.00 now because I wanted to complain to someone higher.....  so basically I'm being punished for complaining.   I want something done about this and want to talk to someone that can help me. Its not a matter of the money its a matter of principle and AT&T's standings as a company and to stand behind their word.    I will take this all the way to the top.  It seems every time I have done anything with my account there seems to be problems that take months to get straigtened out....why we have stayed all these years is beyond me but I think its time for a change.   I still want my credit and I'll deal with the contract and usage issues but when all is said and done AT&T will be losing a loyal customer.   I want someone to contact me in reference to this problem    Thank You

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Re: Problem with billing and being told something in order to sell product that was not true

Hello @Biggsbasement Welcome to the forums!


I'm sorry for the bad experience and misinformation. Our team will be happy to help you with whatever we can! Because it's account specific, please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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