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Price break down for mobile share plan with 4GB of data (two lines)


Price break down for mobile share plan with 4GB of data (two lines)

I'm not sure if this should go into this section or another one, but it does pertain to billing.


My boyfriend and I were at Best Buy last night and we were just casually looking at phones with a couple of our friends. They were going to get a plan together, so we thought we could try to get one also, because $1 for the Galaxy S3 (not the mini) peaked my interests and that we had 14 days to go back in to exchange for the S4. Everything went fine and the woman started setting us up with the mobile share voice plan with unlimited voice and text and also with 4GB of data. I've never been on a contract before, I've always stuck to Boost or MetroPCS, so this was all new to me. My boyfriend on the other hand was on a shared plan with a good friend, but got zero coverage at work through T-Mobile, and minimal coverage in our own home, so this past summer (two years), he was officially done with them for good.


She was going on and on about how good the plan would be for us and that 4GB would be enough, which it should be, because I only browse Facebook while at work on break, he's the one that likes watching YouTube videos and FB browsing while he's at work. But we use Wi-Fi while at home. So that wasn't the problem, but she just kept rattling on, all I wanted to hear was the price that we would be paying monthly. Finally she told us that it would be $140 a month, which sounded reasonable to us. But today I started thinking about the fact that one place could say one price and then once the bill comes, it could be much more. So I just want to get the price right, is it in fact going to be $140 monthly or will my boyfriend and I be in shock when we get the bill? I just want someone to explain the break down of fees to me.


I'm looking at the agreement and it says $70 mobile share 4GB and then it says $40 mobile share, and it says the same thing under his part of the agreement also.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Price break down for mobile share plan with 4GB of data (two lines)

The $70 is for the 4GB of data, then $40 for each smartphone on the plan, so the total should be $150.  Add taxes and fees, which depend on where you live, could add $20 to that total, or $170. Then your first bill may include activation fees ($70 for two phones).  So the first bill may knock your socks off, and subsequent bills should stabilize around $170, assuming no overages and no discounts applied.  Good Luck!

(Edit) I don't know if AT&T charges slightly different rates for different zip codes, but the $150 is the total I get when  I enter my zipcode (DC area) on the website.

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Re: Price break down for mobile share plan with 4GB of data (two lines)

I thought it was going to be $150, because the numbers just didn't add up for me when she was rattling off. The first bill is understandable, I just didn't want a huge bill after that. So basically $70 is for both phones and $40 is for each line, got it! Thank you

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Re: Price break down for mobile share plan with 4GB of data (two lines)

The first bill will also include a pro rata charge for the first month's service and a full charge for the next month's service unless you went on the first day of your billing cycle.

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