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Plan Sale notification?

Plan Sale notification?

Hi guys!

The plan i have now is great for me:

An iphone with 300mb data

Unlimited talk and text

all for $70


my question is: what is the best way to set up a way to get notifed if att has a sale or the price goes down on my plan? like if the 300mb data, Unlimited talk and text goes on sale or goes down to $50....  will i get notifed be an email?  do you have a plan change notification option in settings?


or is it easier to chat with a rep every 6 months to see if there is a sale or price drop?



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Re: Plan Sale notification?

Suggest you visit the AT&T website occasionally (Google AT&T plans), or follow Howard Forums AT&T section for discussions of the latest changes.
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Re: Plan Sale notification?

well it would be cool if ATT added like a plan update notification center on the myATT website that keeps track of sales on our plans so customers don't have to search or ask randomly. 

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Re: Plan Sale notification?

Your plan should be $60 base price, unless you included the taxes in what you posted. 


If you don't get a new phone when your contract is up, your bill should go down by $15.  If you do get a new phone, you could join the Next program.  Your bill would still go down by $15, but you would have the monthly payments for the device added to your bill which would probably result in a net increase in your monthly payment amount.

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Re: Plan Sale notification?

thanks for the info 21. but until ATT adds the feature i suggested i'll give a chat with a rep every 6 months.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Plan Sale notification?

Hi guys! I just wanted to revisit this question:  after doing some searching. you can see any sales of your plan by doing this:


Click "MyAT&T"

hover over "Wireless"

under "plan, services, upgrades"

Click "View or change my plan"


On this page it will list all upgrades or sales to your current plan.  


Thanks ATT for make this possible all through the MYATT site.

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