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Phone buyback


Phone buyback

I have never received credit for my old iPhone 6 that AT&T bought back from me. I have called 2x and chatted 2x with representatives. I’ve also visited a store. It is frustrating me so much I may switch to Verizon. 

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Re: Phone buyback

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Re: Phone buyback

I bought a new iPhone 8+ from AT&T last year. I was told to send my old phone in to at&t which I did with the box and label provided. I didn’t hear anything for sometime and so I started reaching out to them. First I was told I needed to go to a store. Later I was told by another customer service person that my phone was returned and that my account showed an $80 credit not the $200 I was originally told I would get back. I was transferred to accounting and after a long wait I was cutoff.
I visited an AT&T store in November and they said they couldn’t help me other than calling customer service again, which they did. I was again disconnected after waiting about 45 minutes.
At this point all I want is my account credited or my iPhone 6 back so that I can sell it myself.
My son traded his into Verizon and immediately received a confirmation email from them that they received it and his $ for the phone.
AT&T has shown terrible customer service through this process. I use AT&T because they are an union company and supposed to be a good employer even though Verizon has better reception in Iowa than AT&T.
What can I do to get my credit without hanging on the phone again for an absurd amount of time?
Thank you,
Patrick O’Neill
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