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Overcharge again & again & again & No Credit


Overcharge again & again & again & No Credit

I have been with At& t since 1/2008 I want to get my bill paid but not till it is straightened out. Today I talked to a supervisor who called me back to fix my problem, would not fix my problem. connected me to a higher dept., I told her I had a Dr appt, she told me to tell them to set up a commitment callback, when I spoke to the higher dept. lady (Dorrell) she told me she would call me back , we set up for 7:00 p.m.est. I rushed home ,my phone needed a quick charge, she never called.

i am getting charged $33.00 a month for a suspended line, for a 9.99 a month phone that the 2-year contract expired in April ,the 1st supervisor Falah would not give me credit for, months I'm being charged $33.00. & I can't get credit. I am also getting charged $34.00 a month for a suspended home phone that was cancelled last Oct., within a month of getting the home phone. I signed up for Direct TV,home phone, never got them installed. I was told I was going to save all this money a month by the sales guy, it was just another lie. My 1st bill came it was way over $700.00, the month after that way over $400.00, Since Sept of 2013 it's been a non stop nightmare.

Nov 11th, I spoke with a supervisor Hayden from Tx, he assured me my bill would get straightened out. I told him the home phone was supposed to be cancelled, he said he would. Promised me my bill would be under $200 ( for 2 lines) promised me the 10GB plan the sales guy put me on would be taken off.

i had to call again, and again on March 7th which a supervisor PROMISED all this was going to be taken care of,she gave me credit, come May 5th I spoke with another supervisor Paris or Parish, he also

gave me credit, had no idea who or why my account once again had 10GB plan when we hardly used 2. Told me my bill would be 154.99 a month plus tax.

Here we are June 13th, my bill is double the 154.99, I'm getting charged over $70.00 a month in suspended charges that no one will take off.

i haven't even wrote about all the times my Son gets a new phone, we have had every iPhone & now the 2nd Samsung note. Each time we are told nothing will change on our plan, but it does.

3 yrs ago after spending hours on the phone to get my Mom Niece & Nephew combined on a family plan to save$, does not happen.

how can I be charged over 70.00 a month for 2 lines  that are done.

at & t is the worst co., I can not tell you how many times I have cried,my blood pressure through the roof when I get my bill. All the mental anguish I go through because of the non stop lies.

i have been using the same phone for 4 yrs because I'm afraid to upgrade because I know what will happen.

When you see those At & t commercials on those low family plans a month,DONT BELIEVE IT!!!

do not do not do not use AT & T, they will take years off of your life.

i am so done with them.

I am so glad that I take notes & my conversations with the reps are recorded


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Re: Overcharge again & again & again & No Credit

It definitely sounds like a shame.

To a certain extent it sounds it certainly could have been just poor plan setup/explanation, but even further, it could have been lack of explanation of prorations.


You're right, what you're told should be what happens.

If you end up having any further discussions, I'd strongly encourage you to confirm your plans and features costs through the main website.

Furthermore, be aware that changes that do get made, catch up, via prorations on the next bil.. You get partial refunds for things taken off, and in return additions have partial month charges added to the next bill.


I'm certainly sorry that it's caused you that kind of grief, but you should be able to take control over your account and make sure it's exactly where you need it to be.


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