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New Admin Fee?

New Admin Fee?

I hear everyone is getting a brand new fee, called the "MOBILITY ADMINISTRATIVE FEE".


What is it, how much is it, and what is it for?

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Re: New Admin Fee?

@planeplane wrote:
Most of you are missing the point, which "is what I'm paying now, more the what I was paying before" . Att, itself says in their t&c that if we make a material change, ie, price change ( taxes, etc are not under att control), then we will give you a 30 days notice, of such, ie is sure acting like they are making a material change, in that they are doing what the contract specifies, should they do so. They don't do this for say a extra 911 fee, nor are they obligated to do so.

From any basic college, or maybe high school logic course, thus att is telling you "they are raising their prices, and you have 30 days to do an etf, if we don't apply some remedy to the breach our mutual agreement"

It appears, that too many here are taking the word of the c/s parrots, which are reading from their prepared script of what to tell the mostly under educated. etc customers who call. Moral here, don't take legal advise from the customer service parrots who are trying to pick your pockets.

What's happening if pushed far enough, is that att is giving customers a credit equal to the extra charge, ie a 'remedy' for the breach, which practically speaking negates, the original breech.

I'm not even sure the 30 day thing will hold up either, but there will be so few customers who complain, it's a win, win, win for att.

your contract specifies voice only, that is the only part of the agreement that is covered, within the tos there is a clause excluding prices changes in regulatory fees, state, local, federal taxes, cost recovery fees, and E911 charges.


You can add or remove features such as texting, family map, insurance without causing a termination of the contract and the etf



If you have a smartphone you are required to have a data plan, but if you change out your smartphone for a amd device you can remove the data plan and not be required to pay a etf



If you are in the middle of your voice contract and you port your number the etf is charged because you are canceling the only portion of the agreement that is specificly mentioned in the contract. If the carrier raises the cost of your plan in the middle of your contract, then yes they notify you and you can have a option of canceling with no etf



This is all documented in the Legal terms of the contract that you recieved either on paper of electronicly and in the CSS (Customer Service Summary) which is available on your OLAM. You can cancle becasue of this but you will pay a etf.

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Re: New Admin Fee?

Yes another Admin Fee that who knows what it is used for. My guess it is used for Bonus money for the top management , contrary to what the mods say or are told to say. And one of the answers they gave was "the other company's are doing it". What a answer. Bills are already high enough, then read today that they are stopping the upgrade at 20 months and going to 24 months. I left sprint after 14 yrs. to try AT&T, dont like it. Contract almost up, probably try prepay next. 170 a month for me and wife on share plan, too much. You win AT&T, i am leaving.

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Re: Attempt This Unless You Enjoy Paying More

My bill jumped up by $4 this month because of this fee. I noticed the increased immediately because I hadn't made any changes to my plan so I compared the bill and saw the admin fee and decide to come here to get more info.


I'm kind of outraged by the reason for this fee. Tower maintenace? Site rental? Isn't that their cost of doing business? How can they add that fee to my bill without me being able to get out of my contract? This is just a money grab. They're seeing if they can get away with it and I'm sure there'll be more "fees" if nobody makes a stink out of it. It's only .61 cent now but they can always increase it.


BTW, I have 5 devices so .61 x 5 is 3.05. I looked at the rest of the bill and noticed my taxes went up as well so you do get taxed after the .61 is added. This is such bull.

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Re: New Fee?

Right just keep thinking that .....


I called and complained. The rep kept stating everyone charges it, all the other companies, its for ....


I kept saying "I dont care what the OTHER carriers do, I KNOW what it is for. The issue IS;


BY ADDING THE ADMIN FEE - ATT HAS BROKEN MY SIGNED CONTRACT ... which by the way LISTS ALL the fees I agreed to for 24 months upon signing my contract.


This fee is not a MANDATED FEE it is on ATT CHOOSE to charge everyone and by doing this ATT has BROKEN MY CONTRACT ... therefore I am now free to go to another carrier with NO PENALTY and NO ETF fees since I no longer have a CONTRACT with ATT since you broke it.


The rep back peddled and put me on hold for serveral minutes and when she came back to the phone stated the following:


I have spoke to our department regarding this and they understand your point since this fee was not listed in your signed contract which was 12 months ago, so we(ATT) are not going to charge you this fee for the remainder of your signed contract and because this was an incoveinence to you we(ATT) are going to offer you a 1 time credit of $25.00 to your account immediately.


I thanked her for removing the fee and told her I appreciate the credit and I was happy with the outcome.


The WHOLE KEY TO THIS IS: YOU MUST NOT PAY THE FEE when it shows UP ... IF YOU PAY THE FEE and do not contest it, then you have IMPLIED YOUR CONSENT TO THE FEE and cannot dispute it since you accepted it, it automatically becomes part of your contract.


If you DONT PAY it and dispute it, then ATT has broken your contract.




I am a happy ATT Camper ... Go Ahead ATT add another FEE ... I watch my monthly invoice and DISECT it every month...



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Re: New Admin Fee?

After I filed my complaint with the FCC, I got a call from the AT&T Executive Office regarding the FCC complaint.  They offered me a choice:


1. A bill credit for the amount of the fee for the remainder of each affected line's contract.

2. A refund of the ETF if I choose to cancel my contract.


I chose option #2 for my personal line, and option #1 for the other lines on my plan (I'm not going to ask my family members to be as adventurous as I).


I ported my number out to T-Mobile last night (on their $30 for 100 min, unlimited text and data (5GB fast)).  T-Mobile reception absolutely sucks where I work, so I'm going to port it back in a few days once the port has cleared the system, and get a shiny new phone on contract.

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Former Employee

Re: New Admin Fee?

You went to T-Mobile over a .61 increase, when they offered to credit you the difference?


You're aware T-Mobile charges up to $1.50 Admin fee per line?



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Re: New Admin Fee?


You're aware T-Mobile offers unlimited txt and data ?

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Re: New Admin Fee?

@topshot wrote:


You're aware T-Mobile offers unlimited txt and data ?

what has that got to do with the topic - the fee is 1.50 at t-mobile, the fee is the topic of the discussion. Besides T-mobile has Fair use policies in effect so that can enforce them. Dig deep and you will find them on t-mobiles's site. As far a unlimited text, att offers that also, along with unlimited voice minutes


Also be aware t-mobile is on the for sale block again - top contender is Dish Network sice they lost the bid for Sprint.

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Re: New Admin Fee?

got a link to that. I still have not found one yet.
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Re: New Admin Fee?

@cronojay wrote:
got a link to that. I still have not found one yet.

If the Dish offer falls through, Softbank a japanese carrier will try to get them



Sprints financial's are on the reports, stock selling for 6.05 a share and that was not the low for the trrading day -



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Re: New Admin Fee?

That was in june and I personally have not seen or heard anything since...

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Re: New Admin Fee?

@cronojay wrote:

That was in june and I personally have not seen or heard anything since...

1 month in major corporate take over is nothing, it can take a year or more for all the requirements and investigations by the various agencies to be completed and the sale approved. Their stock closed at 6.07 a share, for a telcom company that share price is in the basement.

Here is more current information - the sprint stock holders have already approved the deal and just recently the FCC cleared it






Softbank is cleared to take contolling interest in Sprint

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