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My monthly data usage


My monthly data usage

Why if my bill is due on the 18th however my data does not reset until 10 days later?
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Re: My monthly data usage

Because your billing cycle is different than your bill due date.


So basically if your cycle ends on the 28th of every month...it takes 4 or 5 days to generate the bill. You cycle and due date are essentially two different things.

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‎09-26-2016 7:08 PM

Re: My monthly data usage

Hello @Deltadiva2k5, and welcome to the AT&T Community Forums!

I am sorry you are having trouble understanding your bill. I can help you with that!

Allow me to set an example:

• A bill cycle ends the same day every month. Lets say your bill cycle ends on days 27. You will be billed from August 28 to September 27.

• All bills within the category "Advanced Billing" will be charged one month in advanced for service, whilst being charged for overages on the most recent closed billed cycle. Lets say your Service Plan cost is $100 for 15GB, and your line cost is $15. Then you will be billed for one month of service in advanced ($115 for Sept 28 to Oct 27), and data overage, International Long Distance Calls, Roaming usage, etc, for your most recent closed billed cycle ($XX.xx for Aug 28 to Sept 27).

• Those charges will have a Bill Due Date, and it will usually be around 21 days after your bill cycle end date, lets say Oct 18.

• Your data is attached to the bill cycle dates. Your data will restart every month on days 28, and you will have 30 days to spread its usage.

Bill cycle end date, and bill due date will always be different for these reasons.

Kind regards,

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AT&T | Mobility


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