Mobile Share Value Plans Questions and Discussion


Mobile Share Value Plans Questions and Discussion

Beware.. The $160 per month plan for 4 smart phones with ATT is pretty shadey. They don't tell you that you are required to pay for 4 smart phones at full retail price. Maybe that small detail is buried somewhere in the fine print when the adds on TV play, but make sure you know exactly what you are paying for before jumping onto this.... It's very, very tricky. 

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Re: ATT $160 per month for 4 lines is not actually $160!!

The rep never told me either when i tried to switch back i couldn't.
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Re: AT&T - Lying no good schmucks!

@GLIMMERMAN76 then take your "own" device to T-Mobile or Sprint.....they are $60 CHEAPER!!!!   $720 YEARLY savings!!! can buy an AWESOME phone with that. must not live near or in a large you are the ones that OVERPAY for service.


You ARE STUCK with AT&T.

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Re: AT&T - Lying no good schmucks!

tmobiles service is a joke along with sprints.  I will pay for better service and not have to worry about it.


and no it wont save me.  Wife get a discount of 25% off the data plan.  I have 6lines and 1 tablet line and pay 175 a month for it.  Wow I can save 15 bucks and get crappy coverage um heck no.

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i have never been soooo upset with at&t

August 22, 2014


At& t Headquarters

175 E Houston St

San Antonio, Tx  78205-2233

ATT  AT&T Customer Care

I am writing to you regarding my account [Edited for privacy.]

I have been a customer with AT&T since they become AT&T and prior to when they were Cingular and Ameritech.  I have had all my services which include wireless phones ( a family plan for as long as I can remember), internet, land line and uverse when it became available in my area.I have always felt that the customer service was very good and anytime I called I was helped with great satisfaction.  Until recently.

In February of 2014 I saw an commercial on tv regarding a family value share program.  I looked into this by calling customer sevice as I needed a plan that would help me save with 4 phones that I presently have.   The program was set up and I reduced my bill and received service I felt was great   “ 4 phones-10gb of data for 160 a month   I was very happy. My bill was consistent until…I received a $359. Bill for this month service.  I called confused not understanding     I was advised because I upgraded two of my lines I lost that value plan….WHAT????

First let me just say   Is this how you keep your loyal customers?  Because I decide to upgrade my phone and stay with the company I have been with, you now want to take away the plan I just started.   NO ONE said anything about “IF” you decide to upgrade you lose this plan….really????   If I decide to upgrade and STAY with your company you now want to penalize me.  Again no one said if you take this plan and  upgrade any of your phones when they are due for an upgrade you will be knocked out of this family value share plan…and  let me just say at the time i put this plan into effect with the help of your customer service rep I actually was eligible for an upgrade on one of my phones and no one said anything to me about this becoming a problem on this plan if I upgraded.  

No where in  your commercial for this plan do you disclaim that if you switch to this plan and phones become eligible for an upgrade you will be kicked off this plan….no contact just thrown into additional charges that put me right back to where I was before I changed to this plan. 

I have made several attempts to talk with your “customer care” department with no resolve except they will have a supervisor call me at a certain time we then arrange and that time comes and goes and there is no call until I call back and complain that no one called me at the time we set up so I could be available.   Again this is how you treat customers who stay loyal and want to continue with your service .  I would also like to say that I have upgraded over the years and the upgrade fees have gone from $18 to $40  This again is your way of keeping your customers………..?

I am presently still awaiting a resolve---all I would like is to be placed back into the family share value plan - 4 phones  10gb=$160 monthly,

I am enclosing my payment for the family share value plan of what I have paid over the last several months –$174.20.




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Re: Mobile Share Value Plans Questions and Discussion

It is frustrating, to say the least, trying to deal with the sales reps.  Some of them don't know much.  Taxes and fees add at least $30 to the $160, so the real cost is about $190.  Ridiculous!


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Re: i have never been soooo upset with at&t

You saw the ad on TV but you didn't see the fine print or understand what it meant. All of the advertising states out of contract pricing. That means, if you get a discount, the price will be different. When you upgrade, there is a one time upgrade fee of $40 for each line upgraded, plus the loss of the discount of $25 per line that is upgraded for the length of the contract.

Didn't you think that there were some pitfalls of the lower pricing?

AT&T lowered the price to compensate for not having phones under contract and no longer subsidize phones. One way or another, you are going to pay for the phone line that you upgrade. You have upgrade choices. If you pay full price upfront for phone, you don't lose the discount. You can also use the NEXT program, in which you pay full price for the phone but pay over 18 -26 months and keep the discount.. Otherwise, if you want the subsidized phone, you lose the discount. Also, when you use the subsidized upgrade, you have to pay the $40 upgrade fee.

This is a user to user forum. I am a user, just like almost everyone else on the site.
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I don't have a question, I have a complaint!

I am very upset with your recent advertising for “add a line for only $15” to the $160 family plan.  I “added a line” and got my daughter a phone, and I am being charged $40 for her plan.  How does one “add a line” and be assigned a new contract for $40 a month?  I think this is false advertisement.  


I called your customer service last night and I got nowhere.  One person hung up on me, and the supervisor of the next person said “there is nothing I can do”.  I spoke with two different people BEFORE I "added a line" and I discussed my plan with another customer service rep last month, when I received my first bill, and she TOLD ME how much my bill should be.  Approximately $185.  My bill is now $220!  This is ridiculous.  EVERYONE said it would be $15 to add a line.  Just like your commercial said it should be.


Now I'm stuck with a $220 phone bill?  $25 more than what I was told it would be?  This is very wrong, and I am VERY unhappy.  So unhappy, in fact, that when my contract is up - I will be switching to another company that does falsely advertise and lie to their customers.


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Re: I don't have a question, I have a complaint!

The $15 is for a line out of contract, bring your own phone. If you get a subsidized phone, you lose the discount of $25 for the length of the contract and pay $40 for the line to pay for the subsidized phone.

This is a user to user forum. I am a user, just like almost everyone else on the site.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: I don't have a question, I have a complaint!

The commercial says that the pricing is no-contract pricing.  If you renew your contract or sign a new contract, you don't qualify for no-contract pricing.

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Re: i have never been soooo upset with at&t



I couldn't agree with you more!  After 16 years of reliable and honest service from AT&T, they have decided to employee sneaky practices to trick people into "non-contracts" with every piece of equipment sold at full price.  No paperwork is given, no written terms are shown, lies are told, etc. Be sure to fill out a Notice of Dispute and mail it to: AT&T BILL DISPUTE, 1025 LENOX PARK, ATLANTA, GA 30319.  I am digusted beyond belief with my situation with AT& T and sad they are so large now they do NOT care about anyone!!  Best of luck in your pursuit of fairness and honesty!



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Re: Mobile Share Value Plans Questions and Discussion

My traxes and fees in NJ are about $15 more, not $30.  In NY they pay more.  So they vary by state.


Wait until you try to upgrade or get a phone using the "Next" plan.  You will be charged $25 or more per line.


Surprise....surprise.  That is the new AT&T slogan.

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Re: AT&T - Lying no good schmucks!

6 lines +1 tablet.....$175???


Yeah...who believes that?????....even with your 25% discount.


Break down the price.  Becasue that must be with a VERY OLD grandfathered plan with limited minutes.....OR with A LOT of DUMB phones.

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tired of these billing problems!!! sister and i went to this at&t store in sanford last March 2014 and signed up for the family plan that gives us 4 lines for $160 a month...they even said it the bill would be lesser since we get a florida hospital discount...we already had 2 existing phones with at&t so we added 2 lines for my mother and my daughter...everything was great until we got our first bill that was $314 we went to the store and they said it was a "miscommunication" and we were not eligible for the family was like lying to us and putting us in the wrong plan and just saying that it was a miscommunication...they tried to fix it and they give us a little discount here and there but we are still paying more than 200 every month and they tell us something different every time...they also reduced our GB to 4 instead of 10 which is very sneaky...we have been going to that store every month since april because we get the wrong amount billed every freakin month and it is very frustrating...can somebody help us or tell us where to complain about this store!
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Re: AT&T - Lying no good schmucks!

It is obvious that there is no incentive to buy a phone from AT&T from this point forward.


Craigslist here we come.

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Deceived by new plan pricing by AT&T!

I have been a happy customer for six plus years but not happy with what AT&T did recently. I switch from Family plan to Mobile Share plan. while switching, there were no disclosures that the new plan comes with a discount of $25 per line which will "vanish" away if I sign a NEW two year agreement and upgrade my phone!!! I am out of contract and so if I understand that I am signing myself up for two year contract, but I will NOT continue to get $25 discount on plan that i am currently getting? I have done upgrades earlier too but this is a total no no!

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