Lied to and changed plan when upgraded


Lied to and changed plan when upgraded

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I signed up for the Value Share program that was offered in March of this year which made my phone bill approx. $50 cheaper.  I upgraded my phone by ordering and talking to a customer service rep. in May and when I talked to the customer service representative I specifically asked how it would affect my bill as I am unemployed and wanted to keep it low.  I was told it would actuallymake my bill $5 cheaper a month.  Sounded crazy to me but I said in that case let's do it. Last months bill was a bit higher but I didn't notice anything.  My daughter upgraded her phone and I again asked how it would affect the bill, and agian I was told maybe a $5 diference and now my bill was $262 ($36 was an upgrade fee that I only knew was coming becasue it was on the previous bill for my phone, was never mentioned by the representatives either times when I was sold the phones) and I looked at the bill and noticed that the Discount for Mobile Share Value Savings is not longer on my phone nor on hers.  When I called just a few minutes ago ai was told that was becasue we upgraded and didn't elect the "next?" program.  I wasn't offered any other program, I liked the program I'm in but now my bill will be $50 a month more becasue the representativces that sole me and my daughter our phones never mentioned the "automatic" change in plans not to mention I never would have upgraded my phone or my daughters if I had known it was going to change my plan that much. 

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Re: Lied to and changed plan when upgraded

Hello, jeb123!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about the confusion surrounding your recent upgrades. We would be happy to review your account and discuss some options, so please click here to send us a private message.


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In the meantime, feel free to message m e with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Lied to and changed plan when upgraded

Just posted the same issue under Family Plan Shenanigans

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