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IMO indirect mobility discount


IMO indirect mobility discount

Hello, I am a current Apple employee and received a text asking me to log into the IMO website to make sure my APPLE email is the one on file to continue the discount. What is the website I need to log in to? 

Thank you


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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I have the same issue... need to know where to log on. Also, we should not have to use our Apple email address, as we do not have access to that email address when we are not at work. If we have an issue where we need to have something emailed to us in order to reset/access our account, chances are we wouldn't be able to receive that communication as we don't have access to our email accounts away from work. 


Surely we can find another way. 


Diana Nieves-Oake

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‎10-20-2017 2:47 PM

Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

Hello @sharon_w4 and @dnoake!


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Community Forums! I would love to help get this taken care of for you.


When enrolling in an IMO discount, you can request an Access ID here and then you would be able to enroll in the discount by visiting this website. I apologize for the inconvenience of using an Apple ID. The reason for this requirement is to confirm eligibility for the IMO discount.


I hope this information helps!


Jordan, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

Thank you!
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Former Employee

Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

when i try to log in with my attuid, it keeps saying that my account is invalid and i need to speak with someone to activate my account. it doesnt allow me to use my personal email and my work email i do not have access to it.

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I didn't respond to the imo discount email in time. I didn't see it in my inbox until a week after the expiration date. What do I need to do to retain the discount?

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I have the same issue, I work for Best Buy, Apple Master position and sell iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches which are ATT connected. I also work with the mobile department on such devices and have a better understanding on the quality of service of ATT. But just recently my imo was taken away after 6 months. No warning or reason why, please help!

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I was directed here for a similar issue with my IMO. I wish I could just speak to someone who could resolve it instead of email after email with days in between.


Mine says my account is inactive. 


I previosuly had att IMO with no issue: left for t-mobile. A few years later I come back and log in with correct info and att keeps giving me the run around. #lame



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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I have lost my IMO discount and am still employed with the same employer Bestbuy as a Mobile Sales Consultant. I need my account to reflect the discount in order to pay it please help I don't want to have to leave.

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I have an IMO discount on my AT&T bill that is showing a discount % of 0 and need it fixed to my 57% off please. I am Still employed as a Indirect Agent at Bestbuy Store 380 in Slidell LA, Title Mobile Sales Consultant. I have Checked with my HR people and the error apperantly is coming from AT&T and I am Eligible for the discount like I have been for over 3yrs now!! PLEASE HELP!! I dont want to leave AT&T but if I cannot get this resolved I will have to!

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

I am having the same issue and cannot sign up without a dealer code, how do I obtain this dealer code as none of my management is ever aware of this IMO discount?


Thank you

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

Depends on what retailer you work for.

Also, ATT has been a joke for the last few years with account managers. We
had one and then they restructured and we no longer have one.

If you work at Best buy it's in learning network. You also have to he a
mobile employee to qualify.
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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

You're not lying about that. I just left BestBuy and found the FAN number for Apple retail IMO discount and it was added. But now cant register the lines under an IMO account since I cant create a new login for the Apple IMO and enroll each line. And to top it off the BestBuy IMO login has already been disabled. -__- This is not fun. 

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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

Your mobile team has the dealer code ask them.
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Re: IMO indirect mobility discount

For who? Apple? Apple doesn't have a mobile team. 

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