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How to file a formal complaint against at&t?


How to file a formal complaint against at&t?

I am wanting to file a formal complaint against at&t, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I read that you can not sure at&t. We are being charged almost $300 for a bill we were told would be $170. Does any one know who to talk to since you can't sue.
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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

@roerwier wrote:

I too signed up for one of their so-called bundles but they didn't bundle anything so I have two separate accounts.  

As you should.  Depending on what ‘bundle’ you still get eligible discounts.  


and all of the call centers are south of the border and no matter what number you call you always get the same automated voice. I have heard that voice so many times I could recognize him from his voice alone.

I signed up for internet direct tv and home phone.

Did you mean internet, DirecTV, and home phone.    ‘Internet DirecTV’ may refer to DirecTV now streaming service.  Punctuation is important so understanding is clear and correct.  DirecTV satellite and satellite internet are likely not to be on the same bill as AT&T does not provide internet everywhere.  


MY bill was supposed to be around 100$. I have so far paid almost four hundred dollars for two and a half months. It was at first explained as a one time fee. Not so.

For all 3 services $100 sounds low.  What exactly was included?   Service only?   Or service and equipment?



Is their anyone who other than filling a complaint with the FCC does anyone know an easier way?

Has anyone forfeited on their twenty four month commitment and been billed for early termination fees?

You can file a BBB complaint which typically gets a speedy response from AT&T. 

And AT&T has never NOT billed an ETF.


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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

I filed a complaint with FCC I’m tired of the lies 


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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

DO NOT EVER TRUST AT&T!!!!! They are liars to the extreme.  They are thieves! They are condescending!  THEY are ALWAYS right and you the customer are ALWAYS wrong no matter what.  It is as if they think they are some sort of god.  I, for one, will do anything and everything to let all know how cheap and petty and crooked AT&T is,  I can say nothing nice about AT&T. You can have legitimate reasons for wanting a refund due to errors on their part, but the “loyalty department “ is extremely rude, crass and uncaring and STUPID.  I advise anyone and everyone NOT to use AT&T for ANYTHING, not even to wipe your bottom.

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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

I dropped them a LONG time ago. Never go to AT&T. If you do you deserve whatever happens
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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

That’s exactly what they do! They overcharged me by $1000 & refused to credit my account or elevate my call to customer service. Unethical business practices! They trust us to just pay the bill but we can’t trust them to only charge us what we owe! 

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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

Am I about to speak in person or superior in person who know an can help fix my issue before filming a complaint 

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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

PO BOX 91319

San Antonio, TX  78209

Waited 30mins on hold for the rude customer service agent to give me this

Mona YG5WJR3


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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

Such a shame!!! A vast number of us have been taken by AT&T.  If you are looking to signup with AT&T or moving over any service under their umbrella, please, just take a straight pin and stick yourself in both eyes. It's infinitely less painful than dealing with these crooks & robbers.  What a shameful display of customer service and good old American values.  The company is not threatened by a promise to file a complaint or dispute with anyone, but, file anyway.  This may help someone else from falling into their trap.


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Re: How to file a formal complaint against at

I cancelled everything with AT&T due to their GROSS lack of keeping appointments. My dish was installed in FRONT of trees and I received lousy reception. Two appointments were broken by AT&T, NOT me, but they gave me lame excuses as to why. Then they charged me with a HUGE amount of early cancellation. An associate then would not even listen to reason. When I signed up I was told fiber optic was in my area only to find out IT IS NOT. AT&T wanted me to check to see who told me, they refused to do the checking of one of THEIR employees. Then I canceled my phone and internet, turned in ALL the equipment and, again, AT&T refused to check when they received the equipment, they wanted me to do their work. To this day they are STILL charging me for something I NO LONGER USE NOR HAVE!! NEVER for as long as I live will I recommend AT&T to anyone. I will do my best to prevent those I know from using AT&T. AT&T are nothing more, in my opinion, than a bunch of money grubbing,lying, thieving scum bags.
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