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How to deal with AT&T billing procedures

How to deal with AT&T billing procedures


we had exactly the same experience as Corfox who posted his AT&T Collection Agency problem  in February.

On 03/05/14 the AT&T agent ID JM6237 sent out January invoice to dispute (invoice included 2 modems that were returned to AT&T). The last two times I have called in April I was advised claim was approved and all is good. 10 days ago I have received a letter from the collection agency.

I  called AT&T every day for the last 8 business days. Nobody knows what happend to my claim from March, a new claim was submitted and I was advised last week and this week by two different supervisors this claim has been approved and collection agency has been informed. When I call the collection agency to verify they say they have not received this info. 


I never had problems before. It all started because I had to transfer my internet service to a new location. What is really sad every time you call AT&T they will assure you your problrm is solved and by the end of the call they will try to sell you a new product. Then next day you learn what was promised was not done. Phone calls are never returned . I had supervisors/ agents promising to call back next day or in 2-3 hours and they never called back. How can I have somebody in AT&T review my case, review the tracking numbers that confirm they got modems back and adjust the amount on my account? 

Anybody with similar experience?

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Re: How to deal with AT&T billing procedures

I believe that your in a difficult position.  Once an account is sent to collections, in many states the original "creditor" can't communicate with the person who owes the money.  I don't know what the situation is in your state, but it could impact your problem.


If you have proof of delivery on the packages in question, you can challenge the debt with the collections agency and they have to prove that you owe the money.  That may be a good starting point.

Jerry B.


For additional help, please send a PM to ATTCustomerCare.
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Re: How to deal with AT&T billing procedures

Thanks Jerry!


I have the tracking results from the AT&T returns website and will send it to the collection agency.

I thought once the AT&T adjusts the account they can provide this info to the collection agency.

I was promised this two times by AT&T customer support supervisors (account is in MO).


I read some posts and they are really true, not returned phone calls, things promised that do not happen, calls hunged up. I would not believe it if not my own experiece. I used to work for the customer support for a payroll company and this would never happen there. I guess AT&T company is a giant and they do not care.




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Re: How to deal with AT&T billing procedures

I received an email from AT&T Social Media Manager asking for contact information and short description. I provided that and was advised a specialist will cantact me within 3 business days.

I will update this forum with the results.

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Re: How to deal with AT&T billing procedures

Good news! I received a call from AT&T executive office last week and was told by Carmen that my claim was approved and I should get a letter with the adjustment on it, collection agency was informed, so all should be good.

I will know for sure once I get the letter Smiley Happy

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