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First bill too early?


First bill too early?

I just ordered two iPhone 5s on 11/21 and they just arrived yesterday. I already got my first bill and it is due on 12/11. The bill says that it does not include any activity after 11/21, but the bill details states that it includes monthly charges for Nov 22- Dec 21 and the activation fees. I thought this bill was supposed to come a month after I started service? Any help? Thanks!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: First bill too early?

I'm sorry that you received your first bill sooner than you expected and that your first bill wasn't properly explained. 


All new accounts are billed one month in advance for for monthly recurruing charges (rate plans and any added features) and billed in arrears (in the past) for any usage that wasn't included in your plan as well as one time charges (like the activation fees). 


Here's a great article that goes over your first bill. It will answer any questions you have.




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